Jordin Sparks Covers Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper”

Not content to let Demi Lovato tower above every other artist with the raw, heartfelt ballad that is earning Ryan Phillippe’s new squeeze raves from tons of her musician contemporaries, Jordin Sparks is rising from the ground to get in on the “Skyscraper” action, too. The gender-declarative songbird recently posted her own take on the single, recorded in her hotel room. (Was the hotel a skyscraper? ‘Cause that’d be so meta!) Soon, we’re betting there will be so many versions of “Skyscraper” out there, we’ll be able to put them all together and make a metropolis. For now, check out Jordin’s after the jump.

Jordin’s voice sounds perfectly lovely, particularly for something self-recorded like this. In our opinion, however, she’s missing the emotion and authenticity that made Demi’s original so visceral and effective (made all the more powerful due to her candidness about her emotional issues).

And while we’re sure this is far from the last “Skyscraper” cover we’ll hear, what we’re really looking forward to is a remix or two. Are we the only ones thinking Demi’s latest will be perfect for the dance floor with some added synth and bass?