Beyonce’s ’4′ Producer Jeff Bhasker Trashes Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation”

It’s a good thing Jeff Bhasker isn’t destiny, because if he was, it’d be clear that he had chosen a favorite child. The “Party” producer (who worked on a number of other 4 tracks, too) took to Twitter to trash Kelly Rowland’s slinky single “Motivation”: “How can this kr song with the weakest beat and melody of all time be the #1 song on urban!? Oh yeah. Wayne.” (Guess he’s not a Weezy fan either.) But why such harsh words for “Motivation”? Find out more below.

The Grammy-winning producer has worked on smash hits for the likes of Kanye West, Alicia Keys, and Jay-Z in addition to Beyonce, so clearly knows a little something about what makes good music. Still, there are a lot of songs out there that probably deserve his criticism even more, so what’s his beef with “Motivation”? Maybe he’s just trying to Bey a leg up, since so many of us are keeping an eye on how the two ladies’ singles and albums are measuring up against each other.

Bhasker followed up with this tweet: “I just listened to Motivation again to see if I was to harsh in my critique. I wasn’t. The lyrics are horrid as well.” (C’mon, Jeff, tell us how you really feel.)

And, finally, calling out the controversy: “Come on twitter you know you live for the negative tweets.”

We’re sure Kells and Bey are mature enough not to let this stand between them, but what do you think of Bhasker’s comments? Out of line, or right on the money?

  • Over It

    And ppl CONTINUE to BASH Beyonce! WTF IS YALL’S PROBLEM?!! Bey didnt say nothin!!! JEFF DID! If you gon bash someone, HOW BOUT BASH THE ONE THAT MADE THE RUDE COMMENTS GENIUSES!!???!
    Bey has absolutely NO REASON to be jealous of Kelly. So dont even start with that bull!
    She IS “ALL THAT” as u put it. And BOTH of them are beautiful and talented. and they both love each other.
    ugh…haters of all kinds make me SICK!

  • ImYourMotivation

    @Jane um..JEFF said that mean remark. Dont go puttin all Bey stans in a category with him. Who said HE was a stan? Just b/c he worked with her, doesnt mean HE’s a Bey stan. What kind of sense does that make just grouping ppl together negatively like that. The majority of us (like Beyonce) LOVE Kelly and wish her success. Check yourself b4 you post dumb stuff plz!

    @SashaFlopped.. Um..Bey just got her 4th #1 solo CD..where’s your fave’s album? Matter of fact, where’s YOUR ALBUM? I’d like to see the flop mess YOU can create. AND i like to see your material to BETTER than Bey’s since her “flopped”??? Yall just throw that word around like it’s water. Like it’s supposed to hurt ppl. You ignorant ass comments aint her sales, her talent, or her amazing-ness. Since when were #1′s FLOPS??? Have ALL the seats u can find… =)

  • http://aol retta

    Reply to Sexy J: What does “Beyonce…sounds like a white lady” mean? What does a white lady sound like? Also there was no such group as “destiny childs” &, I may be wrong but I don’t know of any correct way to use “have gave” as you did in the last sentence of your post. Enough about your mess. Much love to Beyonce & Kelly!

  • kk

    Ok, let me say this…Jeff Bhasker, never heard of him, but I’m sure he’s highly respected in the music community.

    I just read this article on his opinion and…where was his opinion when Motivation first leaked? Where was it while it was on repeat on the radio the weeks following? Why are we suddenly reading tweets before Kelly’s album is due to come out? Sorry but it looks like someone is hating…HARD and trying to rain on Kelly’s parade. I don’t care who you are on the totem pole, haters look salty when they use their opinions to try and bring people down. I respect your opinion but come on dude, you knew what you were doing. SUDDENLY you have to air out your 2 cents? Right…

    Whether or not you like it, the public is feeling her record (I don’t know about the album, we’ll see) be a big man, come back and learn from it.

  • Sanita

    I am one of those feeling ‘Motivation’. Your assessment is spot on. I would add- Jeff Bhasker’s reveiw is suspect whether it came early or late given his ties to another album. Petty people are such a drag. News flash, there are no one and only fine artists. Life dispels that notion over and over again. it is a western idea that continues to blimmish the gifts and talents of so many. Stay human, the spotlight is a broad brush and has room for many.