Kidz Bop Makes “Born This Way” More Kid-Friendly

Hell hath frozen over — Kidz Bop has taken on the task of covering Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. In the music vid below, tweens run amok in a shopping mall, all while dancing and singing a super sanitized version of the Mother Monster’s gay anthem. See which of the pop star’s controversial lyrics were altered and which got deleted all together.

First off, there’s nothing more hilarious than watching a 10-year-old lip sync, “My mama told me when I was young.” Do you mean “young” as in, when you were a fetus? You’re still young, child!

Here are some of the changes Kidz Bop made:

  • “A different viewpoint is not a sin,” in lieu of “A different lover”.
  • Omitted: “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.”
  • Also omitted, “No matter gay, straight or bi/lesbian transgendered life/I’m on the right track baby, I was born to survive.” And even though the vid looks like a United Colors Of Benetton ad, there’s no mention of “Black, white or beige/Chola or Orient made,” either.
  • Lastly, “Same D.N.A., but born this way,” was left off the track as well.

What do you think of the “Born This Way” reworking?


  • ASDF

    too bad the original wasn’t like this …

    • Aaron Howard

      You’re kidding right? This is so stripped down, it doesn’t have the same message not to mention it sounds like nails on a chalkboard while kittens are being shred to death with a chainsaw. This is a disaster.

  • alexandros

    this sucks! they left out the only good things about it…

  • Maja

    Why need to ignore the LGBT issue and edit it out? Not being educated about it will lead ignorance and more hatred in the future.

    • Jessica Marie

      My guess is because the people that actually buy these albums, the Christian soccer moms of the world (okay I’m generalizing and I don’t know if ALL soccer moms are Christian but for the sake of argument, most of them are) don’t want their children listening to THAT kind of message that actually accepting someone’s homosexual preference is a good thing.

  • ASDF

    Not really. It’s already been said the original is pretty much a copy of “Express Yourself,” and no one really cares about the “message.” I highly doubt “Born This Way” made anyone change their minds one bit about how they feel towards GLBT issues.

    In fact, the video was so creepy and bizarre, it probably turned people off to its preachiness.

  • Rezzy

    While that may be true ASDF, the song is a huge insiration to many while it may not have changed other people’s minds any. The message may not have reached critics and haters alike, but to a lot of people the song brought inspiration and acceptance with themselves. Yeah, it was a copy of express yourself. So what? Leona Lewis straight up took the exact same tune from another artist for “collide.” While many just listen to the music, There are more people who listen to the words being sung and take the message to heart. That’s one of the reasons Gaga has so many fans. I see what Kidz Bop is trying to do but they didn’t do it very well.

  • Sakura

    There is nothing wrong with censoring a song that is going to be marketed to CHILDREN. And to the people crying foul about the LGBTQ references being removed–PLEASE, get over it! The core message of the song, which is accepting yourself for who you are, is still there. They don’t need to come out and specify “love yourself even if you’re a homo.” It’s not necessary to the song; that was just Lady Gaga pandering to a target market. Children can grasp the message of accepting themselves without all the sexual and homosexual overtones of the original song.

    • Jessica Marie

      Um yes, they do need to come out and specify that it’s okay to love yourself even if you are a homo because when they don’t, the message is lost and it’s not teaching children to be more accepting of others. Hell, apparently they take out the lyric “You’re black, white, beige, chola descent. You’re Lebanese, you’re orient” so in a way they ARE saying “Yes love each other equally, but you know, not if the other person is any color other than white and their sexual orientation is anything BUT straight”. Most everyone knows that kids will listen to and replicate any message you teach them well into adulthood, so if you give them a message like the censored version of “Born This Way” then they will grow up thinking that the only people that deserve love and equality are straight white people.

      Regardless of this though, the bigger issue people have with the song besides the removal of it’s GBLT message, is also because the song is NOT originally intended for children. Lady Gaga did not sit down to write a song for kids about being non-prejudiced, it’s a song for people as young as high school and people in their thirties or even older to love themselves no matter what color their skin is and what their sexual preference is. It’s not for children and the song shouldn’t be stripped of it’s message just so little kids can listen to it. I really feel sorry for the kids that grow up listening to this crap because one day they’ll find out that these are just covers of songs with vastly different meanings that the originals. Imagine a kid that loved this version of “Born This Way” grew up to be old enough to attend a Lady Gaga concert and heard the song performed in it’s original form. The kid’s going to be shocked.

  • Ronnie

    I agree with Sakura but even kids can recognize bad singing. This is horrible. Even my younger brothers can’t stand listen to these kids and they’re the core audience for Kidz Bop.

  • EgyptianDragon

    In slight opposition to the marketing for children thing, more of the problem isn’t that they change things to make it child friendly, but they take/edit songs that SHOULDN’T be marketed to children in the first place in my opinion. Something about “having kids sing” (and by that I mean using audio equipment to make it sound like children) Saving Me by Nickelback, which is all about A GUY IN JAIL, doesn’t really sit right with me. And not to mention the McDonald’s fiasco where they used a song that they never edited the swears out of it. Really they shouldn’t just use the popular songs and actually spend time looking for songs that ARE more child friendly and only need minor edits than songs that are already inappropriate in the first place.

  • Bellaaa

    This is kind of an old thing but, I’m actually quite impressed with what they did with this song. It’s not incredibly different message-wise from the original and the censors are reasonable.
    And what’s so wrong with the kids’ singing? There are much worse, yet popular, out there. I think some people are just biased. But it’s all just a matter of opinion.

  • Alex

    This is just sad, and ridiculous.
    They stripped this song of its message, which was for the LGTB community as well as EVERYONE else. Self acceptance, and tolerance of others aren’t exactly one in the same. How is saying that “Regardless or race or orientation, you are a beautiful person” inappropriate for kids? Oh yeah, because we totally and to breed more little homophobic, racists, creedist, hate mongers.

    Kidz Bop is trash.

  • Alex

    **totally want to.

  • Heather

    I think it is so sad that people are missing out on the message of the song. And if you think it doesn’t change anyone’s mind you are wrong. Most people don’t think about how their racism/homophobia hurts others but it does. It’s hurting real, living, breathing PEOPLE. If you don’t want your kids to hear something that praises equality you are what is wrong with the world.

  • Kayla McGovern

    This doesn’t even embrace the fact of being different anymore. The lyrics “No matter gay, straight, or bi; lesbian, transgender life. I’m on the right track baby, I was born to survive.” are so empowering. There are so many kids that think they are a freak because maybe they make their two girl barbies kiss, or maybe he doesn’t like sports but would rather be with his sister playing with dolls, or maybe they just know that they like other boys or other girls; hearing other kids sing about it being okay would be so relieving to them. “No matter black, white or beige; chola or orient made. I’m on the right track baby, I was born to be brave.” Everywhere you walk you hear derogatory names putting people down for race and sexual orientation. There are deep skinned little girls who put powder on to appear lighter, and fair skinned girls who would rather lay in the sun than play and have fun because they want to be someone else. Born this way is about embracing who you are…and Kids Bop is not promoting the true meaning at all. I’m disappointed.

  • heather w.

    Ahahaha. I think we should all keep in mind that for kids bop to even DO this cover, Miss Gaga Had to have APPROVED the lyrics. Hmmm. If she approves the changes, and she’s the one who wrote the damn song, why is everyone who “Totes loves her and wat she stand 4, beeetch” throwing a fit about it?
    Thought I’d throw some logic out there into this silly crowd. Remember, you’re unique, just like everyone else.

  • heather w.

    And by the by, Miss Kayla McGovern, i just want to point out that it’s not just little gay kids who are worried about what they feel inside, it’s little straight kids too. But, I mean, I wouldn’t let my kids go listening to any songs about anything that has to do with sexual orientation at the age of these kids bop children. Excuse me, but i’d rather my child have a basic understanding of how to walk and talk, and hell, with this video, Dress themselves, before I would want them going around deciding if they were decide or even know that there is “straight, bi, transgender, black, white, beige, or orient made.”
    But hey, just excuse me, I’m just an average sixteen year old who developed common sense.

  • Dudeguy

    You do realize that there are in fact GAY CHILDREN SAKURA,, or is that something that never crossed your mind? I can actually vouch for their existence since I am gay and, oh, look at that, I was a child at one point. It’s not like we hit fourteen and think “Oh would you look at that I’m gay” it’s something we know throughout our entire lives, and to be honest when I was younger, specifically the core demographic age for this type of media, I could have utilized greatly a song that told me gay was okay, because I hated myself and any other gay that crossed my path. I mean you breeders have Cinderella, Snow White, Aladin, and what have you, but as children, us gays have no role models what so ever. Even if we did, heterosexuals would throw a fit screaming that it’s poisoning their kids with the “Homosexual Agenda” that they fear so much. Almost akin to the point you’re trying to make, actually. Heterosexual overtones are shoved on kids every day, why should homosexuality be any different? So kids with same sex parents can grow up feeling isolated from their peers? So children like me can go on being confused, and hate themselves for what they are? You have no idea how lucky you are to be straight, SAKURA. Why don’t you take a look at this list and realize how much you have and how much we don’t.

  • Dave

    Very intolerant and hateful speech. So you call heterosexual people “breeders”. You have become what you hate. This is nothing new as most gay folks where their hatred and hetrophophia on their sleeves. So homophobes full of hate are actually closeted homosexuals and homosexuals etc are full of hate when they come out of the closet. You folks are a real picture of mental health.

    Me thinks that there is something more going on than just being born that way. Something has happened to most of you that has made you hateful…and not just angry, but spewing hatred, calling heterosexuals mean names and condemning everyone that has religious views against homosexuality. There is an inherent victim mentality that is ready to lash out in most of the homosexuals that I’ve met and related to.

    I feel really bad for you. You make the situation worse with your name calling and vitriol. Intolerance like yours is ugly.

  • Michelle


    Everyone has a right to their beliefs and opinions, it is the way you go about expressing them that cause problems. You might want to think about why some homosexuals are not the pictures of mental health as you put it. When you grow up in a society that tells you constantly who you are is revolting, that you are less than deserving of rights and respect – it is understandable why someone wouldn’t be a picture of mental health.

    However, when you grow up in a respectful, if not accepting environment, then “us folks” are not any less mentally healthy than anyone else.

  • jb154577

    okay but as an advocate the message of it is okay to be the way you want/are is a main theme and censorship will end in blindness and ignorance and hatred but you wouldn’t care would you because it is all about a target group well she is an advocate and it shouldn’t have been taken out

  • jb154577

    I have issues with grammar so smash me all you want on it but the idea of what i said stands oh i am in high school so the idea that i don’t understand the world maybe thrown at me to but i will not change my views without suffusion argument besides name calling and talk of protection of children because that is just immature and the reason for ignorance oh and spelling bash me on that

    I am very sarcastic and negative by nature.