Selena Gomez Takes On Fan Questions In VEVO’s ASK:REPLY

Selena Gomez got the “third degree” from fans in the latest installment of VEVO’s ASK:REPLY series, wherein devotees help run their favorite artist’s interview. The wedding crasher took on hard-hitting questions like, “How do you find balance in your life?”, “What song best describes your life at this moment?” and “Who’s your favorite rapper?”. Surprisingly, no one asked the When The Sun Goes Down singer the on thing on all of our minds: what’s it like to kiss Justin Beiber?! Jump below to watch the pop star’s interrogation.

Colibe Caillet’s “I Do” is the song that best represents where the 18-year-old is in her life? Does that mean wedding bells aren’t far off for Selena and Justin?! Slow down, children.

Were you surprised that the Disney star revealed she envisions herself returning only to acting? Tell us your thoughts below.