Cobra Starship’s ‘Night Shades’ Cover Art Is A Smash

The trashtastic cover of Cobra Starship’s last studio release, 2009′s Hot Mess, was bad enough to win the top spot in our annual Worst Album Cover Art list. We are relieved to see that the cover for their new LP Night Shades manages to keep it edgy, yet stylish and classy. (LMFAO – learn from this.) Jump below to check out the pop-punk (or is it now pop-dance?) group’s track listing, which manages to give us the bird with a song called “Middle Finger.” So much for that class.

By the way, that’s band member Ryland Blackinton’s girlfriend’s foot on the cover. Nice tat!

Cobra Starship – Night Shades

1. “You Belong To Me”
2. “You Make Me Feel…” (feat. Sabi)
3. “#1Nite” (feat. Ryan Tedder)
4. “Fool Like Me” (feat. The Plastiscines)
5. “Anything For Love”
6. “Middle Finger”
7. “Don’t Blame The World, It’s The DJ’s Fault”
8. “Fucked In Love”
9. “Disaster Boy”
10. “Schwick” (feat. Jump Into The Gospel)

Night Shades drops August 30.

  • Michael English

    ‘edgy’, ‘stylish’, ‘classy’

    Are you that pathetic. It is completely hideous on all counts.

    I just threw up reading this.

  • maria

    …just like they are.
    Classy and talented…they are not.

    Do they always need another female to sing in a song…?
    Is Vicky the hooch that bad that they must look elsewhere?


    Whats up with the fist pumps in the new video…?
    so lame.