Go Behind The Scenes Of “Rain Over Me” With Pitbull And Marc Anthony

It’s good to see Marc Anthony has something to keep him busy in the wake of his divorce from Jennifer Lopez. In fact, he’s palling around with his ex’s “On The Floor” amigo Pitbull — awkward! A new behind-the-scenes video released on Pitbull’s VEVO finds the Planet Pit resident and J-Lo’s dance partner in an arid desert location that seems to be all the rage right now (we sort of expect Demi Lovato to be emoting right off-camera). At nearly two minutes, this clip is a lot like watching the actual video, except you can see the camera in the shot. Grab your umbrella and head below to check out “Rain Over Me.”

Looks like your standard music video tropes — dancing girls, an exotic location, and a rainstorm made out of Pitbull’s face. (Okay, well that part is kind of innovative.)

Does this whet your appetite for the “Rain Over Me” vid?