Rohan Marley Leaves Lauryn Hill (And Unborn Child) For Brazilian Model

Lauryn Hill warned us that some guys are only about “that thing” in her song “Doo Wop,” and now her boyfriend has proved it. The miseducated diva’s longtime squeeze Rohan Marley has left her for Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana — and what’s worse, Lauryn is pregnant with (presumably) his child. The couple have been together since 1996 and have five other children together, and rumors of their split had already surfaced before it was confirmed today via Fontana’s Twitter. (Yikes.) Will this further derail Lauryn’s long, long, loooong-delayed follow-up album to her Grammy winner — or provide the inspiration she needs to create new music?

Given that Rohan is the son of the Rastafarian legend, we’re betting Lauryn won’t be singing any more tributes to Bob Marley any time soon.

  • http://laissez-moidanser PhilV

    Marley tweeted that the baby was NOT his soon after she announced she was preggers.

  • charles

    Yeah he would say that since he been cheating. People want to think the other is doing the same thing they are. But on a good note, I think this is what was needed to pull her back where she belongs. Take the bull by the horns Lauryn, we miss you.

  • Silly Goose

    Lauryn Hill aint gonna stop liking Bob Marley bcuz she’s no longer with his son. what kind of dumb logic is that? and how you know they aint been split for a while now and both haven’t moved on? they are both adults and just bcuz Ro’s with that Brazilian woman doesn’t mean he’s cheated on Lauryn. they could just be broken up mutually. it happens. the sweetest thing must come to an end… but then again