Get A Sneak Peek Of Lady Gaga’s Nebraska-Set “You And I” Video

Since Lady Gaga’s single “You And I” is about her “Nebraska guy” — even though she changes the geographical location depending on where she’s performing — the Song Of The Summer winner and her crew headed to Springfield, NE to shoot part of the song’s video. This is apparently one of the more exciting things to happen to the sleepy town, since it was picked up by a local news team, despite the fact Gaga is nowhere to be seen. (Though a few pics were snapped of the pop star running down a dirt road.) Watch the news cast, and some Middle America little monsters, below.

According to this news cast, Gaga’s video will involve a giant barn and a cornfield. Somehow, it will also involve a mermaid. Since there are no oceans anywhere near Nebraska, we’re curious to see how she pulls this one off.

[Via PopDust]

  • Tony

    I don’t think her next single will be You and I. It’s a good song but she’s been performing that song for a long time. I think her next single will be Government Hooker or Heavy Metal Lover.

  • Rayvone Laßrew

    im happy she’s releasing a song no one can say she ripped them off . that gets kind of annoying

  • Why
  • Paul

    I’m from Nebraska and hung out there all day yesterday. They carried in a HUGE fish tank which we all assumed was going to be for yuyi her mermaid. Also, you could see them filming in the barn and could hear Yoü and I being blasted from there.

  • Dan

    As a Nebraska native and a recent visitor (today) of the farm in Springfield where Gaga just finished filming the video to You and I, I can assure you this will be her next single. :)

  • karen

    i was picked to be in a video my heart was broken at 4 in the morning when it was cancelled in omaha the talent did not show up however the extras did very disappointed cant believe the talent would do this to 75 people who were waiting for 6 hours only to be told to go home