Kris Allen Goes From Reality Show Contestant To Judge For Kidz Bop

Kris Allen apparently hopes to catch some of the career rejuvenation bestowed upon new reality show judges Jennifer Lopez and Blake Shelton. The American Idol Season 8 champ will serve as judge and mentor for Kidz Bop’s 2nd annual Kidz Star USA Talent search, which seeks aspiring singers aged 15 or younger for their web-based competition. Unfortunately, Kidz Bop most likely found Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying” too appropriate, as no such cover exists to add to this post. Shame. [Via THR, PopDust]

  • scp

    You don’t know why he is choosing to do it. I know he does have a soft spot kids and music education for kids.

  • Alex

    lol, if he wants to educate kids in music, he should teach them to play actual instruments and show them how to make actual music instead of just showing them the purpose of Kidz-Bop-autotune for making crappy covers of songs.

  • Brandon Hall

    No words

  • Why

    LOL. Loserrrrrrr.

  • Lilly Langtree

    Kris Allen does not need to “rejuvenate” his career. Anyone on the internet who follows an Idol contestant, especially a winner, would know all the good things that are happening right now. Kris is working hard on a new CD with several writers who have been tweeting good things like crazy.

    The fact that Jive has enough faith in him to judge alongside of one of the VPs over at that label speaks volumes. Many celebs coach young actors. This helps them hone in their craft. The fact that Kris is helping tells me they will get the best advice possible.

    I’m sure if Kris did not want to do this he would have said so when he was approached. Therefore, I can only give him kudos for his concern.

    And in my book, since Kris does so much for charities in general, let alone a multitude of charities involving children, he is a WINNER.

    So that guy who called him a loser….why don’t you look in the mirror if you want to see a real loser.