Who Covered Amy Winehouse Best? A Tribute

While the world struggles to come to terms with the death of Amy Winehouse and her long and very public battle with drug and alcohol addiction – we thought it would be comforting to focus on something positive. Namely her incredible musical legacy. The five-time Grammy winner perfected bittersweet soul music but her influence extended all genres – including pop. We’ve pulled together a selection Amy Winehouse cover versions from six very different acts. They vary in quality but prove that songs like “Back To Black” and “Rehab” touched people from all walks of life and will be reinterpreted for decades to come. Check them out below.

Pia Toscano – “Rehab”

The untimely American Idol departee and “This Time” songstress lent her powerful pipes to Amy’s 2006 breakthrough hits.

Arctic Monkeys – “You Know I’m No Good”

The Brit pop-rockers took on the diva’s 2007 hit on BBC’s Radio 1 Live Lounge.

Glee – Back To Black

Amy found her music on Glee several times. We love their version of “Valerie” but prefer their age appropriate cover of “Back To Black”.

Wanda Jackson – You Know I’m No Good

Rockabilly/country legend Wanda Jackson also recorded the song for her 2010 comeback album. Only she got Jack White of The White Stripes to re-write some of the more graphic lyrics for her.

Girls Aloud – Rehab

You know a song has well and truly crossed over when England’s biggest girlband peforms an acoustic version of it on radio.

Amanda Lear – Back To Black

70s disco diva delivers one of the strangest Amy Winehouse covers with her take on the Brit’s 2007 signature tune “Back To Black”.

For more covers of Amy Winehouse songs head over to Pure Volume.

  • John

    Your coverage of this is so crass it’s disgusting.

    • Idolator Staff

      You’re certainly entitled to your view, but more than half of our coverage has been directly focused on what made Amy a gift to us: her voice, her music, her talent. Other sites may use this moment to document and relive her worst moments, her frankly ugly descent into addiction, and other too-obvious angles, but you’re not going to find that here. Is it a happy shiny story? Not at all, and no one here would suggest otherwise. But we’re fans, and we’re going to talk about the music that sparked us to become just that.

  • Nyan

    You tell’em Idolator!
    Anyway, I think all the covers are great. Amy is great. Rest in Paradise!

  • http://talktalk a fan

    i think that amy was loved by a loot of people but mark rronson loved and supported her and can look back and say that part of each others life wear good thanks mark for your support when not so many did from a fan of amy winehouse

  • LordGagaTX

    if only if only. she quit dem druggs, and got her career onn track. She had such talent and such VOICE-she couldve ruled the industry if she wanted to.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXjORsdKznk Emma

    I think this is a good cover too : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXjORsdKznk
    she’s Antonia Filip, x factor Romania contestant. What do you think so?

  • tihomirbb