Amy Winehouse’s Final Stage Appearance With Goddaughter Dionne Bromfield

It’s been nearly 24 hours since the terrible news of Amy Winehouse’s passing broke, and even though we’ve re-watched her strongest performances and peeped her most stunning photos, we’re no closer to being able to say good-bye. It’s all too easy to remember Amy by her recent concert debacles, in which she appeared too inebriated to perform, but footage of her final on-stage appearance — joining goddaughter Dionne Bromfield to dance along to The Shirelle’s “Mama Said” — shows that even a few days before her death, Amy was coherent and seemed in high enough spirits. Watch below and tell us — does this look like a woman who was destined to die at 27?

Watching this footage from the July 20 Camden concert is incredibly sad, as it show show much life Amy still had in her before she left us. No, there’s no singing here, and this isn’t what you would call a knockout stage appearance. Is she sober? Who can tell?

But it clearly depicts that Amy was still capable of having a good time with people who admired and loved her — diminishing the image some of us may have had of her wasting away alone in her Camden flat.

Is this really a woman whose demise was inevitable?

  • tottart

    Sure, Amy’s moving around in this video – however, she does NOT seem with it. Everytime her goddaughter put the mike up to Amy’s mouth – Amy seemed totally oblivious, TOTALLY. May she rest in peace – she could not live with her demons.

  • Jo

    Its almost as if Amy is saying goodbye to her goddaughter and to the rest of the world and saying thank you for the good time but now its time for me to go. Dance like youv’e never danced before Amy..

  • ian hester

    bet she had a broken heart attack-she kinda nkknew she was going to die -she looked distant at times during the last concert appearance with Dionne Bromfield.
    dionne should do a memorial concert and give the proceeds to the somalian starving people -she won’t have scratch for a living due to amy- what a good godmother-but isn’t Dionne beautiful

  • alur

    If she was ” …too inebriated to perform…”, then that blows the cover story that Amy Winehouse died of alchol withdrawal. I never saw a performance by Ms. Winehouse that was enjoyable or muscially memorable.

    She had advantages over 1000′s of better singers and performers that she squandered. I don’t think she was very talented, but her lack of talent was masked over by the persona and publicity that she generated. It’s too bad someone couldn’t provide direction for her since she had a career regardless of her lack of talent.

  • Tori

    What advantages did she have??? She did it all on her own. Okay, yes, she had a drug problem, but she did not get special treatment. She created herself and her style. She was gifted and unique.