Autopsy On Amy Winehouse Performed, Cause Of Death Undecided

Today the BBC reports that an autopsy was performed on Amy Winehouse, who was found dead in her London apartment on Saturday at age 27. The results (or lack of them) might prove to be frustrating for fans of the singer — no cause of death was given.

The Beeb says that an inquest was opened and adjourned until 26 October. Results of further toxicology tests could take four weeks.

Amy, of course, struggled with addiction throughout her too-short career — both on her own and during her stormy two-year marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil.

“She made her own choices. But it isn’t helping when every time you do something wrong, it’s on YouTube and major TV outlets across the world,” Eric Segalstad, co-author of The 27s: The Greatest Myth Of Rock & Roll, told us over the weekend.

Entertainment Weekly adds that Winehouse’s body was turned over to her parents, and a private family memorial is being planned for as soon as possible, “perhaps as early as tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, in a surprise surely to no one, Amy’s most recent album, 2007′s Back To Black, has shot to #1 on both the iTunes album chart and Amazon’s bestseller list.

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  • Why at Work

    Second that.

  • Why at Work

    Her life was a little too awkward for me to comment or even deal with as a fan. It’s like, I like “Amy Winehouse” but have nothing else to say about the girl behind the name.

  • Matthew Johnson

    I am so sad. I miss her so much.

  • TruWords

    Amy Whinehouse was a wonderful artist. She was gifted but had lack of confidence and self control. I really wish that it wouldnt have ended this way for her and anyone else. I really thought that maybe one day she would get the wake up call she needed, but she had so many and still didnt take heed. Tsk Tsk. I love Amy Whinehouse music and will always be a fan.

  • Vonnie

    Amy Winehouse was a talented young woman. I am not surprised upon hearing of her untimely death. She got caught within the inexorable grip of an addiction and the battle is usually endless and futile. She became hostage to the addiction monster which usually elicits a somatic response, inhabits every fibre of one’s being and demands to be fed continuously. It upsurped her thoughts, hijacked her conscience which then made her an unwililng slave to a self-serving master intent on only self-destruction. For Amy drug became one of the basic matter of survival; air, drugs, sustenance (water/food), and allowed her to also become just a mere memory of a shadow of a human being enslaved from within while being betrayed by chemistry . Drug addiction does not discriminate it can happen to anyone at a low point in life, so if you can help a family or friend before it’s too late please do so.

  • Music Lover

    So sad to hear about this news, I couldn’t believe it but it is true, I have to accept that. Amy was wonderful Singer in her life.