Justin Bieber Crashes Selena Gomez’s Concert To Cover Justin Timberlake

So much for taking some time off from performing to relax. Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance at his girlfriend Selena Gomez’s concert at the OC Fair this past Sunday. After singing his tune “Favorite Girl” (sorry, ladies, that one’s probably for Selena), The Bieb got a little less romantic and busted out Justin Timberlake’s break up anthem “Cry Me A River”. Hey, if JT isn’t  going to sing it anymore, someone’s got to. Watch below.

This isn’t the last time we’ll be comparing one Justin to another — with various upcoming movie projects in the works, the 17-year-old singer already seems to be transitioning from pop to Hollywood. Just give us more than two albums before you totally drop out of the music scene, kay, Bieber?