Bjork And Michel Gondry Take A Trip To The Moon In “Crystalline” Video

Jul 26th, 2011 // 1 Comment

We’re apparently having a late 90s revival this month — the Beastie Boys reteamed with frequent music video collaborator Spike Jonze for their playtime spy romp “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”, and now fantastical director Michel Gondry is back with his longtime muse Bjork for the new video “Crystalline”, off her forthcoming album Biophilia. Behold some majorly trippy imagery (like you’d expect anything else from these two) below.

Gondry previously directed the videos for Bjork’s “Human Behavior”, “Army Of Me”, “Bachelorette”, “Declare Independence”, “Joga” and “Isobel”. All of them were visually enchanting in their own way, and “Crystalline” — which feaures stop motion sand patterns and crystals sprouting out of the moon’s surface — is no different.

Bjork – “Crystalline”


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