Adam Lambert (and Kris Allen) Open Up On VH1’s ‘Behind The Music’

Adam Lambert is currently at work on his sophomore album (alas, with no Xtina duet), and though all we really want from the nicest guy on Twitter is new tunes, other people are mainly interested in hearing him talk about his sexuality. (Hasn’t this been covered enough?) In a preview clip from his upcoming Behind The Music episode, Glambert discusses being presented as a stereotype on American Idol, while simultaneously having to keep quiet about being gay. His Top 2 challenger and the eventual winner of Season 8, Kris Allen, was also interviewed for the VH1 special to discuss his time competing against Glambert on the show. Watch below.

According to Allen, he was fully aware that he was being marketed as the “boy next door” who sings love songs, while Adam was pigeonholed as the effeminate dude who wore “guyliner”. “The show knew exactly what they were doing, obviously,” said Kris. “They wanted to pit us against one another.”

For Adam, it was difficult to have the press speculating about his sexuality. Not only did he think it didn’t really matter, he was unable to engage in the conversation. “It was hard for me, because technically, I wasn’t able to talk,” said Adam, who explains that contestants on American Idol are not allowed to speak to the press while still on the show. “It felt out of my control.”

After Season 8 ended, Adam was finally able to tell his side, and in his Rolling Stone cover story (the best-selling issue of the mag in 2009), he came out to the public on his own terms. “I wouldn’t want to go through my career hiding anything, or covering up. It’s just not my style… I’m proud of my sexuality.”

Adam’s Behind The Music episode airs on VH1 Sunday August 7 at 10 p.m.

  • JC

    It shows just how little progress has been made when sexuality is still such a big issue. Uptight, puritanical, conservative America needs to wake up. I think this special is more geared toward the casual viewer rather than those who follow the show intently. I’m sure Adam would love to focus on his music but I kind of doubt he’ll ever have that opportunity or at least not in the near future. He is a novelity, a first. He is the first openly gay artsist to be signed by a major label in the U.S.

    Kris Allen was correct in that they were setting up Adam and Kris. Kris was labeled the boy next door Adam the bad boy. Seacrest even announced Adam as the bad boy at one time. American Idol has an ultra conservative voting audience. What did they think would happen with the votes? The camera kept zooming in on the black nail polish, Bill O’Reily had an entire segment on his show based on Adam’s sexuality while Adam was still a contestant. O’Reilly even put up a picture of Adam and his boyfriend kissing with the kiss blurred out. Seriously? That implies something is so bad you can’t see it. Yet the press has no troubles showing dead bodies in a street. All the press and bloggers could focus on was his sexuality and not his immense talent. Kris Allen or any other Idol throughout the shows 10 year history has had to go through that level of scrutiny.

    He’s done well though. World wide tour and 1.3 million CD’s sold over 4 million singles worldwide.

    I never realized though that this country could be so backwards in it’s thinking. I still shake my head.

  • bettyb

    I was so hoping that this new interview would not focus on Adam’s sexuality..I sure hope that the rest of the program will give us more info on his music..which is what Adam would desire…hope again that his new album will blow the roof off the sucker, so to speak…I love Adam dearly..everything about him, including his provocative sexual moves on stage (so damned exciting)…

  • @JC

    you seem to be assuming that Adam lost to Kris because of his sexual orientation, but that is not something you’ll ever be able to prove or rightly assume is true or factual.

    Idol’s winner is based on who gets the most votes (mainly free votes), and Kris got the most votes. Kris also sold the most music the weeks following the Season 8 finale. So, the logical conclusion is that viewers simply liked him more. Adam has since sold more albums than Kris, but he also had a lot more publicity surrounding him, and a relatively older fanbase which is more likely to buy albums than a younger fanbase.

    also, sexuality is not the same as sexual orientation… Straight contestants who use sexuality or seductive moves, etc as a way of performing on Idol also do not do very well on the show. The Idol audience generally votes on talent and musical style, rather than on what they may perceive as “gimmicks” in order to garner more votes, and some view sexual moves as a gimmick to lure people.

  • reg

    @ 4:44pm lol you kris fans excite me!

  • Zachariah Martinez

    this dude hasn’t even put out a 2nd cd, or made an impact on the music industry… and he has his own BTM why???

  • mabrennan54

    Kris may have sold the most CD’s in the weeks following AI (bought by his adoring chippies), but, seriously, who has sold the most in albums, downloads, and, mostly, concerts?

  • Amery

    Because VH1 thinks people will tune into watch, that’s why.

  • Kim

    Kris who???

    I can’t wait to watch the gorgeous and super talented Adam Lambert on the show!

  • Eden Logan

    There’s so much more to Adam than “idol” and “gay.”

  • Andy

    This dude is a Grammy-nominated singer, second highest earner of all past idols last year, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, was selected as a social media panel expert for a Grammy panel on the subject, is working with the best writers and producers in the music business, has been given songs by Lady Gaga, Matt Bellamy and concluded an almost sold-out WORLD tour. Listen to his music….no, really listen..then ask the same question.

  • Ken


  • http://google mickey

    Kris is an all around great guy and also has a segment on the show. So looking forward to seeing Adam and my dvr is ready to go.

  • Arcturus

    He is so massively frankentanned I’m orange-blind. I think there was a typo when they said he was 29, since he looks nothing less than 39. But seriously, GOD DAMN LAY OFF THE BRONZER, JESUS.


  • Linda Jean

    LMAO!!! So many points are off bases here that I’m not even going to bother.

  • Britte

    Honestly, can’t you think of something more interesting for your last sentence? I’m sure you can come up with a more scathing insult. At least try to sound intellegent…….

  • Britte

    My reply was for Arcturus, by the way……

  • adamaniac85

    Hmmm, I had to go back and read the title again to make sure there was no way to misunderstand what the article was about. It seems pretty clear it is about Adam and a mention of Kris. This always leaves me wondering why pple come to these sites to make HATE comments about Adam if they can clearly see the article is about him. If you don’t like him fine, but why read the article to begin w/ and then waste your precious time commenting on him. I just don’t get it, nope, I really don’t!!!!!

  • allyr

    You fail to realize that gay pride marches continue to exist in every country of the world. Therefore there is no equality as much as you’ d like to think a marriage license has anything to do with it.

  • slynnc


  • Cyan

    “He is the first openly gay artsist to be signed by a major label in the U.S. ”

    No he is not. Lameberts fans need to stop lying.