Adam Lambert (and Kris Allen) Open Up On VH1’s ‘Behind The Music’

Adam Lambert is currently at work on his sophomore album (alas, with no Xtina duet), and though all we really want from the nicest guy on Twitter is new tunes, other people are mainly interested in hearing him talk about his sexuality. (Hasn’t this been covered enough?) In a preview clip from his upcoming Behind The Music episode, Glambert discusses being presented as a stereotype on American Idol, while simultaneously having to keep quiet about being gay. His Top 2 challenger and the eventual winner of Season 8, Kris Allen, was also interviewed for the VH1 special to discuss his time competing against Glambert on the show. Watch below.

According to Allen, he was fully aware that he was being marketed as the “boy next door” who sings love songs, while Adam was pigeonholed as the effeminate dude who wore “guyliner”. “The show knew exactly what they were doing, obviously,” said Kris. “They wanted to pit us against one another.”

For Adam, it was difficult to have the press speculating about his sexuality. Not only did he think it didn’t really matter, he was unable to engage in the conversation. “It was hard for me, because technically, I wasn’t able to talk,” said Adam, who explains that contestants on American Idol are not allowed to speak to the press while still on the show. “It felt out of my control.”

After Season 8 ended, Adam was finally able to tell his side, and in his Rolling Stone cover story (the best-selling issue of the mag in 2009), he came out to the public on his own terms. “I wouldn’t want to go through my career hiding anything, or covering up. It’s just not my style… I’m proud of my sexuality.”

Adam’s Behind The Music episode airs on VH1 Sunday August 7 at 10 p.m.