Lady Gaga Performs “You And I” Live For Amp Radio

Jul 27th, 2011 // 4 Comments

Lady Gaga is currently lobster-clawing her way through Hollywood, and this week the pop star stopped by Carson Daly’s Amp Radio show wearing a side ponytail, a cobalt blue blazer (complete with its own nipples), and one of the wackiest pairs of glasses we’ve seen her in since those cigarette sunglasses. She delivered a sensational stripped-down performance of her new single “You And I”, replacing “Nebraska guy” with “California guy”. (Is she talking about Nick Cannon?) Watch Mama Monster kill it on a no-frills set of keys below.

Gaga’s passion during this intimate performance seems totally out of place in such a sparsely-attended, brightly-lit space. But still, we can’t get enough of this song and all the leaked details about the Middle America-set video. (Plus, this is bound to continue being a crowd-pleaser on her next tour when she replaces “Nebraska” with whatever city she’s currently in.)


  1. Ughhhh I think I’m starting to like her……. I don’t like “You and I” but I love how she performs like this, so in her element. And that beginning Edge Of Glory bit was fantastic

  2. i use to hate her big time ! she is so weirdo ! but i guess i liked bad romance and then on i kinda liked all of her songs ! but still she looks terrible but those hair of hers !

  3. Xadax

    She’s getting boring. Somettimes I would skip her articles. Its just bad when you’ve got a mediocre voice & compensate it w/ a lot of gimmicks & lies. When you strip it off, you get… this.

  4. LordGagaTX

    @Xadax like Xtina is any different? Please, Gaga career is going strong- she doesnt need to join a tv show to stay relevant. Christina’s career is on Life Support, the only thing thats holding her on from pulling the plug is that retarted TV show.

  5. Insane Jon lain #33

    Wow. That girl is the stuff …. tickling the ivories and singing like no other. That is one talented beautiful wonderful young woman. She doesn’t just rock the block …. she rocks the whole planet.

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