Kat DeLuna Drops It Low In New Video

It’s been a while since Kat DeLuna troubled the Billboard Hot 100 — four long years have passed since “Whine Up” went top 30 – but the Dominican diva is hoping to change all that with her new single “Drop It Low”. The catchy club-banger fuses heavy electro-beats with the sultry Latin sounds that won the 23-year-old a loyal following in 2007. Watch the video after the jump.

RedOne’s original muse is clearly all about the dancefloor these days as she pits her all-girl crew The Lunatics against the often shirtless Uptown Boyz in a dance-off. Kat gets to shows off her own killer moves in the video at around the 3 minute mark, shaking her booty for all its worth in a sexy salsa breakdown.

In case you’re wondering where the “Dancing Tonight” singer has been hiding for the past few years, she packed her bags and moved to Belgium – releasing a hit European album called Inside Out.

That opus included Akon-assisted smash “Push Push” and “Party O’Clock”, the RedOne produced dance anthem that Kat accused J.Lo of stealing and releasing as “On The Floor”. A revised version of Inside Out – now called Viva – is set to be released in America later this year.

Do you think the lovely Latina has what it takes to whine her way back up to the top of the charts in 2011?

  • Why

    What the Ef? Too hard to listen to. Some many different things going on. Dios mio!

  • Nyan

    She reminds me so much of Shakira but anyway, I don’t think the song is that catchy but who knows, it might be a hit!

  • abeljose22

    actually i kinda like this. at least is better than some of the music you have in our top 40 right now.

  • http://milkcartonpopstars.blogspot.com Joe

    The song of the summer! Poor Kat needs a hit!!!!!

  • Chelsea

    I love kat but I haven’t liked this song from the first time I heard it. It’s just boring and not that catchy to me. The video is quite strange and a little confusing, too much going on at one time. I loved a couple other songs she released called dancing tonight and party o’clock, those were much better in my opinion. But, I’m anxious to see what her album sounds like, whenever it comes out in the u.s.!