Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Behind The Music’ Preview: He’s Had Lots Of Sex

When we think of Enrique Iglesias, we think of the hits: “Be With You,” “Hero,” “Escape,” “I Like It,” “Tonight (I’m Loving You),” etc. etc. We also just assume it’s a given that the Spanish heartthrob has done his fair share of lovin’ the ladies given that you know, he’s Enrique Iglesias. Well, in case there was any doubt about that, the preview clip for his upcoming VH1 Behind The Music special is here to set the record on the crooner’s sex life straight. “He went from getting never laid to getting laid,” says one unidentified talking head in the clip. This is followed by interview footage of Iglesias from 1999 — the year he broke through in the pop market with hits like “Bailamos” and “Rhythm Divine” — confirming, “Before I was a singer, I used to get dumped all the time. Suddenly you become a singer and someone’s sex life can definitely get a lot better.”

Yeah, that’s a common problem for all of us who write about singers, too. No, really! Okay, well, maybe not. Sigh.

[Via EW Music Mix]