Adam Lambert Debuts New Track “Outlaws Of Love” Live In Quebec

When he’s not busy trying his hand at an amateur paparazzo career, Adam Lambert is all about the music. The nicest guy on Twitter has been hard at work concocting his “dream album” and now fans can get a little taste of what’s in store on the Majors & Minors mentor’s sophomore LP, thanks to a little sneak peek he shared at Le Festival Ste-Agathe en Feux Festival in Quebec on Friday. “This is the world premiere, so I know I’m going to see it on YouTube,” the Behind The Music star said before launching into “Outlaws Of Love.” Right-o, Adam — luckily for us. Now you can catch it below.

What do you think of Adam’s latest? Getting excited for the new album?

  • laurieb

    This song is extremely beautiful. The message is loud and clear and Adams voice is beyond compare!

  • Bruce Bing

    The song is beautiful. Sung beautifully and the lyrics are haunting.

  • Lissa

    His voice is pretty like woah, and that song is so heartwrenching. I’m starting to really look forward to his album.

  • scc21

    yesss, so excited

  • Laura Corn

    This song is quintessential Adam..out of this world. Only makes us want more and more. He held his crowd mesmerized in the palm of his hand, while the rain poured down. Nothing could stop the voice and the glitter.

  • Nimbus

    Thanks for this but maybe replace the vid you posted with a MUCH better youtube one: It’s really gorgeous and great quality!

  • Adamfan

    Love this new song. Can hardly wait for his new album. There is another video from Tuke that is clearer and with less chatter going on in it.

  • Why

    He sounds like a girl.

  • trish

    ADAM’s voice is so beautiful!!!!

  • Deb

    The song is beauitiful, and haunting, created by a beauitiful human being, left me wanting more…

  • Lisa

    Outlaws of Love is stunningly beautiful! Adam’s voice is perfection. The melody stays with you, the lyrics are from the heart. This song really moved me. Cannot wait for the album.

  • Rita

    And you sound a bit jealous.

  • Renogirl

    Heartfelt, Beautiful, Stunning, song. Adam is at his best. What artist can sing that perfect in a live concert? Yes I know Adam Lambert. Open your heart and let him in and you will be hooked. I am enjoying the journey :)

  • brownie5808

    I have never followed an artist like I do adam lambert- from day 1 over 2 years ago. He just keeps getting better and better! It will only be a matter of time before the world (mainly US) sits up and takes notice. The rest of the world is doing just that! But then again, look at what we are going through now in U.S. mind-boggling! This song is beautiful and adam always puts a smile on my face- Love him beyond words!!!

  • Adamfan

    You sound like an idiot. Have you never heard a tenor sing?

  • Adamfan

    My comment was to WHY

  • tess4ADAM

    @WHY … are you here???

  • Rusty

    And you sound like an idiot, why come here with that garbage.

  • Rusty

    And you sound like an idiot, a smarta– idiot.

  • Celista

    @Why, Judging by your picture you are a thug, with a cheap low-brow attitude.

  • Why

    At you all….I put why as my name because it didn’t matter what I call myself on Idolator.

    I’m 18 and I’m hardly a thug. I live in Orange County for godsake.

    He sings like a girl. Sounds like you think I’m making fun of him because he is gay and guess what!? So am I. This is a pop blog. I’m sure all the guys are. LOL

    Get over yourself you freaks.

  • trisha

    You, Hater..go to hell!

  • kat23

    and you sound like an idiot….please…go away…

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