Kelly Rowland Delivers A White-Hot Performance Of “Motivation” On ‘Leno’

Kelly Rowland may have elected to kill “Motivation”-hater Jeff Bhasker with kindness — but for the rest of America, the Fearless diva has apparently opted to slay us with sexy, awesome fierceness instead. The self-satisfying songbird appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night to deliver the latest live rendition of her #1 hit, wearing a white pantsuit complete with exposed bra and plenty of cleavage — sizzle! Chris Brown’s tour-mate has already confessed that she thinks of sex when she performs the steamy track. Well, Kelly, that makes plenty of us. Head below to watch the Here I Am siren get Leno all hot and bothered.

Thanks, Kelly — we are now properly motivated to go take a cold shower.