Kelly Rowland Delivers A White-Hot Performance Of “Motivation” On ‘Leno’

Kelly Rowland may have elected to kill “Motivation”-hater Jeff Bhasker with kindness — but for the rest of America, the Fearless diva has apparently opted to slay us with sexy, awesome fierceness instead. The self-satisfying songbird appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night to deliver the latest live rendition of her #1 hit, wearing a white pantsuit complete with exposed bra and plenty of cleavage — sizzle! Chris Brown’s tour-mate has already confessed that she thinks of sex when she performs the steamy track. Well, Kelly, that makes plenty of us. Head below to watch the Here I Am siren get Leno all hot and bothered.

Thanks, Kelly — we are now properly motivated to go take a cold shower.

  • Brandon Hall

    Wow that was simply not good, the one time her hair and makeup aren’t completely awful her singing and performing are.

    That was so all over the place, the dancing was nice when she finally got to it but that hardly makes up for the hot mess that lead up to it,

  • Steph

    Go Kelly! Great Job, you killed it!!! Vocals, Style, Class and all. Waiting for my CD of Here I Am from Amazon…so excited for you girl!!! Go Go Go!!!!

  • Geaorgia Peach

    GOOOOO Kelly… awesome performance… You rocked it girl…..all haters hate themselves that is why they can not be happy for others….

  • Yerac

    Great Performance!

  • willinalli

    LOVED IT…:) She go hard.

  • Tim

    She Looked and sounded so great and her album is the best out this year.

  • myrl22

    she did a great job and the haters would always be negative… so get it girl… love the whole thing