Enrique Iglesias Is On Fire In His “Ayer” Music Video

Not many would argue with this simple truth: Enrique Iglesias is hot. But fans who think the “Dirty Dancer” couldn’t get any hotter are proven wrong in his just-dropped “Ayer” music video, which finds the Summertime Ball-er surrounded by flames. What’s a Latin lover to do? Fortunately, Pitbull’s tour buddy knows how to remain calm (a little too calm) during an emergency, remaining indifferent to the inferno as he calmly croons this Spanish-language ballad of heartbreak in this one-take visual. It’s an admirable clip for a lovely song and all — we just hope Enrique isn’t expecting us to feel bad for him after learning how much sex he’s had. Watch below.

Is Enrique hotter than ever in “Ayer”? Or were you hoping for some firemen to swing by and teach Iglesias how to stop, drop, and droll?