Miley Cyrus Tweets Her Gay Equality Tattoo

Gypsy Heart pop princess Miley Cyrus has added to her ever-growing ink collection by getting a pro-gay equality tattoo on her ring finger. “All LOVE is equal,” she tweeted recently while posting the pic of her newly-decorated digit. Cyrus, who has been vocal about supporting gay marriage in the past, also tweeted at one of her followers, “where does it say in the bible to judge others? Oh right. It doesn’t. GOD is the only judge honey. ‘GOD is love’.” Amen, Miley.

  • The Limo Out Front

    Is that Orlando Bloom?!


  • Billy Ray

    I highly doubt Miley has ever read the Bible.

  • Person who’s read the Bible

    I hope she does realize that God, who she admits is the only judge, is disgusted by homosexuality and He considers it a sin.

  • I’ve also read the bible

    Um, yeah. The scriptures seem to make it clear to me that homosexuality isn’t right. I really believe that marriage is sacred between a man and a woman. People are tempted by homosexuality….but that doesn’t mean it’s right!

    I totally agree that we need to love and respect everyone…..but that doesn’t mean we always have to accept their lifestyles. It seems to me that people either LOVE the gays, or HATE the gays. It’s sad! I’m really good friends with several people who have chosen that way of life. We definately don’t agree on ALOT of things….but that shouldn’t stop us from respecting each other and caring for each other!!!

    Wow… I just rambled. sorry.

  • Equality

    Yes, but there is no reason for that. I believe in God and trust in him. And I FULLY suport homosexuality. There is absolutely no reason for people to be ‘disgusted’ because there is nothing wrong with it. Im not gay, but I know alot of people who are and with most gays if they didnt tell you, you would hardly notice, let alone realize it.

  • Equality

    Yes but please tell me WHY it isnt right. What is an actualy reason BESIDES God says so.

  • Duh

    … All of the discussion about this would be really nice if “God” actually existed.

  • sam!

    please tell me, for those ignorant people who posted before, when did you choose to be straight? did you wake up one morning and say oh i think i am going to like girls. because i am gay and honestly i never just chose to like guys i just do, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is in the bible, but not everything in the bible is 100% true, over many years different people have added to the bible. it wasn’t just written by one person, so who is to say that somebody didn’t put their own beliefs into the bible and claim that this is the word of god. if you don’t remember it used to be the word of god according to white people in the 1800s that black people were property and had less value than dirt, that was their interpretation of the bible. the bible has been changed over the years, in fact it has been changed several times, that is why there are so many different versions of the bible. oh and if people today truly believed that marriage is sacred then tell me why the united states allows divorces. i mean this is sacred so you shouldn’t be able to just undo it with some pieces of paper, and yet marriage is so sacred that gays are not allowed to get married, people only use parts of the bible that are convenient for them. gays deserve the right to get married because god made us just like he made you. GOD LOVES ME, AND THAT IS WHAT I BELIEVE.

  • That Guy Who Read The Bible Again

    Seems they also quoted you out of context on a follow up. Here it seems like we agree, on this follow up they make it sound like we disagree.

  • aida

    According to what bible? The one modified and interpreted by so called scholars that cannot even agree exactly what those ancient text really means. Then modified some more by someone in the church to suit themselves?

  • Richard Craig Morales

    The bible has no legal merit. It’s entirely hearsay.

  • del

    get over yourself! love is love! its not gonna kill you if someones gay. people are so ignorant :(