Kelly Clarkson Starts A Girl Group Called Already Famous

Boy bands are trying their darndest to make a comeback, what with Lance Bass’ upcoming VH1 reality show and New Kids On The Block attempting to stay relevant with Backstreet Boys. But Kelly Clarkson’s trying to kick off the next wave of the pop girl group, as the “Drowning” songstress has teamed up with her two buddies and backup singers Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier to form a new outfit called Already Famous.

“I’m off to Oklahoma to record some songs with @jillandkate! I love random writing and recording with friends!” Kelly tweeted last week. The trio has already recorded four songs, including “I’m Not The Only One”, a tweaked version of an old Clarkson song. (Listen to Kelly’s acoustic recording here, and a brief preview of the girls’ new version here.) They’ve also recorded another old Kelly demo called “And I Remember.”

This appears to be a collaborative experience for all involved, as opposed to it becoming Kelly And The Pips — when asked via their Twitter account @AlreadyFamous3 about who would be singing lead, one of the ladies explained, “We switch on different songs. We all sing lead, alto, and soprano at different points.”

As for how they picked their band name, another tweet explains, “We couldn’t decide so we went to Sephora and picked the funniest nail polish name. No deeper meaning.”

Being that this musical threesome seems much more off-the-cuff and just-for-fun — plus, Clarkson has her upcoming solo album to keep her majorly busy — we doubt we have the next Destiny’s Child on our hands. Still, these girls sure know how to break out the killer harmonies:

[Via Prophet Blog]