Charice Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Her “One Day” Video

Chances are you’ve already seen Charice’s “One Day” video, copied the dance moves and sang the Nick Jonas-penned anthem in the shower this morning. Now you can get a whole new appreciation for the upbeat extravaganza as the Glee star takes you behind the scenes of her cheerful clip. There are interviews with the director, choreographer and art director, but the highlight is the “Louder” singer’s uplifting message to viewers. See what she has to say below.

Charice gives the following advice to her fans: “Being a teenager as well, I can totally relate to them. I want them to realize that, don’t listen to anybody. Just be proud of yourself. Be confident and nobody’s going to bring you down. You’re just gonna do it and go for it.” Wise words!

  • Vangie

    Charice is so amazing, adorable, humble, and full of joy. It’s refreshing to read about her, my day lights up every time I read and watch her online. Now, seeing her in person will be a different story….I’ll probably faint from excitement and joy.

  • Fly N Dance

    Charice is a simple girl who believed that dreams come true. look at her now. she’s a true inspiration to people who believe.

  • tin

    i love charice she inspires me

  • branth

    I Love charice i her her new album Infinity im waiting for this louder,lesson for life, heartbreak survivor, bounce back, lighthouse etc… im dying to have this copy