Jessica Sutta “Show Me”: Idolator Premiere

Confession: Jessica Sutta was always our favorite Pussycat Doll. She’s got a down-to-earth demeanor in interviews, as well as a playful, naughty side that comes out in her dancing (case in point: check Capra’s “If I Was” video). So consider us ecstatic over getting to premiere Jess’ brand new single “Show Me.” We could talk on and on about the dance-pop jam, but let’s just cut to the chase and send you down below to give it a spin, shall we?

“Show Me” was written and produced by busbee, who has also penned tracks for Timbaland and Katy Perry (“If We Ever Meet Again”) and Lady Antebellum (“Our Kind Of Love”).

“Love is not a gimme gimme, if you’re really with me, gotta show me, show me, show me, show me love,” Sutta sings on the energetic, club-ready single.

We’ve been bumping to it all morning long, so it’s about time we passed the pop infectiousness along:

[wpaudio url="" text="Jessica Sutta - Show Me" dl="0"]

Meanwhile, if you’re eager to catch more of Jessica’s smooth moves, you won’t have to wait much longer — the “Show Me” video premieres this Saturday (August 6) on Following that, the song will be available digitally on August 23.

Jessica has now joined the ranks at Hollywood Records, whose roster includes Selena Gomez & The Scene, Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. This is her debut single for the label.

Are you digging Jessica’s brand new jam “Show Me”? Hit us up below and let us know!

  • Brandon Hall

    Okay Jessica this isn’t too bad, could be better. It doesn’t seem unique in the sense that Cascada could probably do this and sound exactly the same. However it could be a grower, its hard to believe other members of PCD could sing considering Nicole hogged the spotlight both visually and vocally. I think this is a solid start, however she’ll need to better in the future if she wants to be a contender to likes of Gaga, Katy and Ke$ha.

    Now whats been going on with Melody?

  • Gabrielle Rivera

    i love this song, its dirty yet sweet. good job :)

  • Me

    It’s ah-mazing! Go Jess!Love u<3

  • Kevin Daybutch

    very good Jessica i really enjoyed it :)

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    I really liked it! but it’s not one of those songs i’d listen to every day

  • Chelsea

    This song isn’t too bad, nice song jessica!

  • Daniel Paro

    This is beyond perfect.

  • Pietro

    Good song!!! Perfect!!!

  • Pierro

    Wow I really love this song, hope she promotes it alot! Can’t wait for the video!

  • eoinmcshane

    AWESOME!!!! Number One!!!

  • demi

    I absolutely love this… so amazing!!

  • Brutal

    This song isn’t bad at all. Sounds better than anything Nicole has done in her whole solo career.

  • eddy

    OMG …I have no words!This is amazing ..I can not wait for the clip to the song! will be amazing!

  • Thammy

    It’s a good song! better than “I wanna be bad” :) but why the heck you guys have to compare her to Nicole? They’re not fighting! They’re both beautiful and talented women who deserves the best :) Stop judging people based on stupid gossips! I wish all the Dolls the best :D xo (sorry, my english is not the best)

  • Daniel Paro

    Yeah, I wanna see Jessica and Nicole making sucess. I don’t like Nicole but she deserves it after so many time trying..
    I really hope Wet and Show Me being HITS

  • Calvin A. Walker

    In response to Daniel, I don’t think anyone deserves something simply for trying so much. That being said, I do wish Nicole success because I actually LIKE her music, I’ve LIKED her since Eden’s Crush and I’d LIKE to see her successful. Unfortunately something about her comes off as very unauthentic, insincere and fake. Hopefully no one throw the Britney card because Brit-Brit is the exception to every rule known to man.

  • Kai
  • Jenson Morton

    I agree with Calvin about Nicole – the whole insincere thing. I feel it STRONGLY from her. I always all other pussycat dolls were innocent, fun and playful (which came out in their self-made backstage videos) but Nicole was always … icy. Never once said a word in the backstage vids but always wanted to be upfront and centre once the camera said nbc or suttin. Anyway this is about JESSICA. THE SONG IS SLAMMIN!!!! She was always my fave too ^_^ I wish the song the utmost success as I know it can be :)

  • Liz

    AMAZING!!! Love the song, love Jess :)

  • MIMI

    WOW she is so talented. I will never understand why “Pussycat Dolls” was always all about Nicole, when the others have just as much talent…………….. maybe more. This is better than the garbage I hear nicole put out