Watch Found Footage Of Bruce Springsteen Literally “Dancing In The Dark”

Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” video was a straight-up performance clip of The Boss grooving on stage with a short-haired woman who would eventually become Courteney Cox. (She was probably still Courteney Cox back then, but now she’s The Courteney Cox.) As it turns out, that wasn’t the first treatment of the video — found footage of Springsteen literally dancing in the dark on set of the first attempt of his video surfaced today, and it’s well worth the 27 years it took to come to our attention.

Even better than seeing The Boss at his prime dancing like Carlton Banks in a pair of suspenders? Having a zoot-suited Clarence Clemons appear next to him, wailing on his sax! (Performing next to an artist dancing up a storm in a no-frills music video was apparently a theme of the late musician’s career.)

Despite 80s-era Springsteen’s silly dancing, I think I’m not stretching when I say each and every member of the Idolator team would totally hit that.

[Via PopDust]