If U Seek Cascada, Then Check Out Their Video For “Au Revoir”

Aug 3rd, 2011 // 7 Comments

German dance act Cascada haven’t had a US hit since their suspicious Lady Gaga/”Just Dance”-sounding “Evacuate The Dancefloor” creeped into the Top 40 two years ago. But in the meantime, it sure has been fun watching the band knock off various other pop hits while concocting their own “original” singles. The latest victim in the “who’s Cascada ripping from now” game: Britney Spears, and her Circus jam “If U Seek Amy.” Watch the video for Natalia Horler & Co.’s same-sounding “Au Revoir” below.

Gosh — it even looks like Natalie spent a whole 10 minutes dolling herself up to look like Britney in this clip. (Granted, that’s probably nine minutes more than Britney usually spends when she heads off to Starbucks.) Here’s hoping that posing for Playboy really sends her career into the stratosphere.

And kudos to Cascada for finally working their way up to spring 2009, when “If U Seek Amy” was released as a single. At this rate, we’ll be expecting similar knockoffs of “My Life Would Suck Without You,” “Paparazzi” and “I Gotta Feeling” to follow.

Au revoir!


  1. This is twice removed from Jesse and the Toy Boy’s “Trash Me” that sounds exactly like “If You Seek Amy”. It’s like a copy of a copy.

  2. Nyan

    Now it is becoming extremely obvious that they are ripping off many artists. I didn’t notice it with Evacuate the Dancefloor but with the others, yes. I really liked Cascada before but now…. Eh.

  3. stacyhansen

    Sabi’s responsible for more than her Q score might indicate–most prominently, the oft-quoted “steaming like a pot of vegetables” line on Britney Spears’ http://bit.ly/ppEiQ5

  4. Tony

    I don’t see how this is at all like “If U Seek Amy” other than they are both pop songs and both Britney and Cascada have blonde hair?? Am I missing something? The two songs really aren’t that much alike?

  5. RYK101

    you hate on her a lot that it’s obvious, they were never known for trend setters and you are acting as if gaga, perry and spears (whose has nothing similar to au revoir) were pop reinvention or “original” stop it, if you are not going to say nothing positive do not say nothing at all

    i prefer their new album “Original Me” (a bit ironic though) than Born This Way/The Fame, Teenage Dream or Cirucs/Femme Fatale

  6. Anna

    All you want is to look smart but how in the world can you look smart when first of,
    you see aTALENT & a good song but it’s too hard for you to admit because all you can say is holly crap about them just cause they’re amazing,
    and second LEARN HOW TO SPELL before you write an article.!
    Her name is Natalie, Daahh!
    The only one who makes me SEEK, erhm.. I mean SICK is you!
    go & do something else with your life &

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