Cee Lo Green Makes It Rain Pretzel M&Ms

Aug 4th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Stop if you’ve heard this one before — Cee Lo Green, pretzel M&Ms and the world’s biggest pinata walk into a bar. Do you need any other information? We thought not. Take the jump to watch The Voice coach make it rain candy.


Just in case you really do need more context — while Justin Bieber found some inspiration from the “Forget You” singer via his literally graphic tee, Cee Lo helped M&Ms celebrate both Pretzel M&Ms first birthday and their new Guinness World Record by unveiling the World’s Largest Pinata in New York. We suppose Eminem wasn’t interested?

This giant M&M stands 46-feet tall, and is filled with bags of the tasty chocolatey-pretzely treat. But enough talk — more candy!

Happy birthday, Pretzel M&Ms! You share the same b-day as our President!

  1. coral

    Gorgeous M&M Statue, whoever made it is a genius beyond compare.

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