Nicki Minaj Performs On ‘Good Morning America,’ Wants To Record With Madonna

Central Park was all dolled up this morning as Nicki Minaj’s Barbz flocked to see the “Super Bass” MC perform for Good Morning America‘s Summer Concert Series. She kicked things off by spitting out her intro to Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends” remix. (We will point out that it was a turkey leg, not chicken, that she chomped down on!) Next up for be-wigged rapstress was her David Guetta collab “Where Them Girls At.” She rounded out her gig with Pink Friday jams “Moment 4 Life” and “Super Bass.” Watch below!

“Being that I grew up in New York City, I never imagined myself playing in Central Park with a bunch of beautiful people like this,” Minaj told GMA host Robin Roberts.

Likewise, she probably never planned on flashing all those spectators in the Big Apple! Poor Nicki had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction while belting out “Where Them Girls At” (see it at the 3:05 mark in the first video below. ABC has issued a rather yeah-whatever statement that simply says, “We are sorry that this occurred.”)

Minaj also discussed her part in Britney Spears’ current Femme Fatale tour. “I couldn’t believe I had an opportunity to go out with a queen like Britney,” Nicki admitted. “She’s paved the way for so many people.”

The Young Money fox then commented on the fact that she just booked work on the new Ice Age movie, and said she’d love to record with her idols Madonna and Lauryn Hill.

Hmmm. Come to think of it, Madonna is currently busy recording her new album. Is that a hint, Nicki?

Nicki Minaj — “Till The World Ends” / “Where Them Girls At” (on Good Morning America)

Nicki Minaj — Interview + “Moment 4 Life” (on Good Morning America)

Nicki Minaj — “Super Bass” (on Good Morning America)

[Via Neon Limelight]

  • Kai

    I really like her, but her vocals were not great today.

    • jasminesokute

      it was gud 2 me

  • racheal

    im not a fan really..but to reply to kai post..what do you expect…she had a few songs to perform thats not she actually was dancing and moving around..not just letting her back up dancers do all the after awhile you get short on i think she did a great job in putting on a great show..and her vocals were just fine..shes a rapper not a i expect her singing to not b great.

  • jenni

    Nicki is getting a lot better at Performing. I still love Nicki. Nickis fan for life. I can’t wait for her sophomore album.

  • Asha

    Her JOB is to sing on key! Nicki’s a good performer, but today she WAS very off vocally, & off beat at the end of SuperBass.

  • jasminesokute

    i love her so much she is so kute. i was there it was lovely. she touch my me. i start to cry. i love that song super bass.

  • josh

    i thought she put on a show like a beast!
    i agree tho her mic was too loud didnt flow too well :3
    but i say that reluctantly

  • tina

    she’s just fun! I love her!!

  • Brandon

    How dare she, to say “I couldn’t believe I had an opportunity to go out with a queen like Britney. She’s paved the way for so many people.”

    Everyone knows Britney Spears’ another Madonna Wannabe. Madonna’s the one who paved the way for all contemporary female pop artists.

    Somebody tell her, Madonna does not work with low class newcomers. If she worked with Britney Spears in the past, was because Britney was the thing of the moment and Madonna used her to make promotion for her “American Life” album.

    In her dreams she would be working with THE QUEEN OF POP!

  • jdha07

    Actually she did work with madonna just recently at the Super Bowl so madonna did hear this and included her in Give Me All your Luvin. Nicki is not a lowly newcomer and ppl want to work with her, duh!