Who Did David Guetta’s “Titanium” Better: Mary J. Blige Or Sia?

Mary J. Blige recorded her vocals for David Guetta’s Nothing But The Beat track “Titanium”, but for some undisclosed reason, Guetta instead went with a version featuring Aussie singer-songwriter Sia for the final cut of his album. Why? We don’t know. And honestly, we like them both. What could have led Guetta to go with Sia’s take over Mary’s, particularly since, with no offense to Sia, Mary is the more well-known artist? While we’re waiting on that one, listen to both versions below and tell us which one you prefer.

David Guetta feat. Sia – “Titanium”

David Guetta feat. Mary J. Blige – “Titanium”

Sia’s cut made the album — but which one do you prefer? Tell us below.

[Via Music & Lyrics]

  • Lee Xioshin

    100% Sia. Mary’s good at diction. You can understand every word she sings, but her voice is too sweet. It makes it sound like a Disney song. The lyrics of the song are hard and violent lyrics. They mention guns and shooting. The video is fantastic and deals with telekinesis and has authorities chasing a telekinesis child. The whole song as a little darkness to it, so Sia is the best pick. Sia’s voice is actually lower than Mary’s. Mary is more of a Soprano, while Sia is an alto. Sia has that dark misterious, exotic sound to her voice.

  • Saintreason

    Sia owns this. She pisses all over mjb,s version. The truth is sometimes surprising.. Go Aussies!

  • Dauren

    Mary’s voice seems to be too weak for this song compared to that of Sia

  • mardvark

    Sia ate Mary J’s lunch. What a set of pipes!

  • Markus Hemrich

    Sies version is the best – It’s my Song of the Year 2012 and the 3rd Song of the Year 2011!

  • Carey

    Sia. No argument. MJB sounds thin, breathless and very range limited. Sia extends that range in all directions. David G knows his stuff! Good call.

  • Saint Ken

    I love Mary – but Sia’s version is worlds better. Not only because her voice – the Blige production sounds thin like a unfinished demo.

  • Yossi Zinger

    Sia’s version is way better. MJB style is not suitable for high-BPM, high-pitch track like this.

  • Michael Cooney

    I always thought Sia’s voice is too weak for the production. As a result, I find her vocal track volume is pumped up to the point where her vocals disassociate from the rest of the music. MJB might have the opposite problem. I feel like her vocals are too powerful for the production. I would like to hear MJB’s version finished. I think it would likely be the stronger track. Sia just sounds so melancholy on everything.

  • Lakesha Henson

    it has more meaning coming from mj it talks about guns and falling and struggle like alot of her songs sia is ok but mj all the way for me

  • Sam Cook

    The answer is neither one. Here is the best rendition of the song.

    If the link doesn’t work, Google “Amber Dewey Titanium”

  • Alice Keyworth


  • Noah Cyrus

    Mary.. because when we try to sing along some of us can’t reach the high notes like Sia can but Mary is more realistic and you can sing to it too! I think both were perfectly fine but I prefer Mary better

  • Stephen f

    It’s difficult to say which is better since the MJB version is clearly an unfinished demo with low production values. That being said however, as much as I love MJB (and I really do) there is so much auto tune in this version that it sounds like a cheap glee knock off…not good

    • Peter Quinn

      Without A Doubt Sia as Marys version her voice is dragging

  • Mr. Reason

    Sia’s voice has so much color. She sounds blacker than a black girl.