Lady Gaga Attends Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Show In Atlantic City

Is the imaginary, fan-created feud between Lady Gaga and Britney Spears over now that the ladies made nice at a Britney concert? We’ll see — but as for the pop diva hotties themselves, they couldn’t have been sweeter to each other as Maddie Spears’ aunt announced a “special guest” in the audience on the Atlantic City stop on her Femme Fatale tour last night. It was, of course, Mother Monster. We can’t help but wonder what Gaga thought of the show, considering her dig at performers who don’t sing live in concert during her own Monster Ball show. Head below to see a video of Britney’s shout-out to Jo Calderone’s more feminine alter ego.

Disappointed that no catfight ensued? Or are you happy to see these two ladies getting along without the rivalry that many fans have imagined beteween them?

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    That was ADORABLE!

  • RickG63

    Brit still seams to be a young Girl Still nervous on stage

  • RickG63

    It was the Media that started saying there was a feud Gaga has always liked Brit ever since they worked together.

  • asu

    yes thats the first thing i was thinking of because gaga has no respect for people who lip sync – both women are pop culture phenoms so it doesn’t matter i just hope they become good friends and that brit attends the born this way ball

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    Gaga grew up on Britney’s music also) Just nice )

  • Xadax


  • kram

    many artists today is a fan of Brit ever since she came out.. Lady Gaga, Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez…


    BRITNEY never came out you IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!