Watch Adam Lambert’s Early Life In VH1 ‘Behind The Music’ Special

Robbie Daw | August 8, 2011 - 10:31 am

We know you have a lot of Sunday night TV programming to sift through on your DVR, but surely you’re going to opt for VH1’s Behind The Music: Adam Lambert before delving into the Teen Choice Awards and True Blood, right? Right? Well, if you need a little more incentive, head below to watch the  special, where the Glam One’s early life is documented, and his parents Leila and Eber weigh in on their son’s teenage struggle with his sexuality.

  • KC

    I watched it and was glad I did. New photos and clips I had not seen before. Adam comes across as articulate and creative.

  • brownie5808

    I thought VH1 did a great job, no new news for us die-hard and growing fans, but that doesn’t matter because we will watch anything he’s on!!!

  • wiccagirl2009

    I love Adam!!!!

  • Judy

    I hope we do eventually see it in Canada. We love him here. He had two amazing concerts in Quebec, last summer – 50,000 people and again this summer in St. Agathe, Quebec. Go to youtube, enter Adam Lambert Ste. Agathe and look for the TALC Vids. Great coverage of Adam and you must listen for the crowd reaction. He set them on fire.