Australia’s Newest Pop Star Elen Levon — Preview Her “Naughty” Video!

If you’re not currently residing Down Under, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of Elen Levon — so allow us to bring this bubbling pop-dance act to your attention. The 17-year-old (who pronounces her name just like “Ellen”, but with one “L”) was snatched up by label Ministry Of Sound, and has been labeled the next big thing in her home country — some have even been calling her Australia’s answer to Britney Spears, though we see a bit more Ciara in this raven-haired dance diva-in-training. We’ve got the exclusive look at the teen star’s debut music video for single “Naughty”, so jump below to take a peek and see what all the Aussies are raving about.

Produced by Australian urban-pop singer Israel Cruz, “Naughty” is a full throttle club-banger that instructs you to “Take your halo, put it away tonight, ’cause tonight we gon’ be naughty”.

I think, lately, girls are afraid to express their fun side and their inner bad girl,” she says of her single. “It’s about letting go and not caring what other people think. Everyone has two sides to them.”

Expect the full video for “Naughty” to drop in the next few weeks, but for now, enjoy a behind-the-scenes preview! The girl has serious moves, no?

Elen Levon — “Naughty” (Behind The Scenes)

  • David Lim

    Go Elen! The princess has arrived!

  • Daisy

    Oh come on. I’m in Australia and I’ve never heard of her. Really, these days we could dig up anyone who can vaguely carry a tune, dance a few steps, hit the autotune and away we go.

  • jerseyshawn

    nice find idolator! she looks great and a pretty jumpy song! look forward to seeing the full version…and btw @Daisy its a discovery piece u noggin not an established artist…

  • @LéeoVIieira


  • AussieSuporter

    @Daisy.. its people like u that never give australian artists a chance.. yes u havent heard of here.. but you have already shut her down and said shes nothing special, just cause she “can vaguely carry a tune, dance a few steps, hit the autotune” doesnt mean shes good.. give some aussie artists a chance! were never going to be internationally renown in the music industry cause we dont support any of our artists.. instead just jump on the band wagon of US artists..

  • Anskies

    Good work, yes everybody we need to get behind our Aussie singers.!! =]

  • hotrod

    Definitely has something about her….I can see what the fuss is about!! interested to see how it goes…my hunch is very well!!

  • Lady G Fan

    Oh god. Another wanna be. This girl is 17 and she’s already dancing around like a call girl. Talent? I think Australia has far better.

  • LMG

    a very well rounded singer. she channels all the so called ‘great’ pop artists of today
    Beyonce, Britney, Katy, Rihanna, Jessi J, and even Kesha
    I can’t wait to see if she matches up to anyone of them

  • zeik

    actually @Daisy and @Lady G Fan – I’ve worked with this girl before and she has an incredible voice, so b4 u assume that someone doesn’t have talent – just wait….and see :)

  • hotrod

    Im back for more…….i just saw her on youtube…shes a great little live performer…WORLD we have a live one on our hands!!!!

  • madam

    Elen has naturally powerful voice, she has been the best at art performing school for years. I am still at her old school and have to admit that there no surprise for anyone to see her here. I wish her all the best.

  • naughty

    So fresh…..She certainly got style. Mix of youth and beauty with power, talent nd skill. Her voice is amazing!

  • Brandon Hall

    Shes seems very basic and average to me.

    Another generic popstar just what the industry needs right now

  • Dion

    She is so young. Love to see her progression. Looks like she can be molded into anything.

  • lol

    wat r u crazy she is sooo talented go get your eyes checked