Cobra Starship Project Their “Fool Like Me” Lyrics Video

Cobra Starship’s sense of humor comes shining through on their Night Shades track “Fool Like Me”, which gets its own cleverly-made lyrics video. Instead of just slapping the song’s lyrics in a terrible font over photos of the artist like some people (ahem), the group’s words are projected onto city walls, overturned couches and the sides of buildings, all while a camera films it live. Check it out below!

“Your daddy always said you should stay away from a fool like me, a fool like me / And when your mama sees me calling on your telephone, she hangs up on me, the bitch hangs up on me,” sings frontman Gape Saporta, tongue firmly in cheek.

He also calls himself “a grown-ass man” who acts like an “idiot” on this song about knowing you’ve got a lot of growing up to do (and appreciating those who keep you around regardless).

Listen to the song below, and head on over to iTunes to pick it up for your very own.

Cobra Starship feat. The Plasitiscines — “Fool Like Me”

Night Shades drops August 30, and Cobra Starship are set to headline New York City’s Terminal 5 on September 9 in celebration of Fueled By Ramen’s 15th anniversary.