Shakira Achieves The Imposssible, Makes Golf Sexy

It turns out Justin Timberlake isn’t the only golf-obsessed pop superstar. Colombian party girl Shakira also knows her away around a set of clubs, and recently took time out from her Sun Comes Out tour to give fans a master class in the game while hitting the green in Puebla, Mexico. Rather appropriately, the “Sale El Sol” songstress claims the secret to lowering your handicap is learning to swing your hips. And we all know they don’t lie, so pay attention, hobby golfers! Jump below to see the sweatpants-wearing (yet still smokin’ hot) diva in action.

“I love golf,” the lycanthropy-loving singer is quoted as saying. “I’m really bad at sports, believe it or not. If you threw a ball at me, you would probably break my face because I have no reflexes whatsoever. But in golf, you just need concentration, of which I have plenty, and hip swing is very important.”

We hope you’re taking notes!

[Via Huffington Post]