Kelly Clarkson’s New Single Reportedly Dropping August 30

Kelly Clarkson seemed unsure whether the lead single to her forthcoming album would drop in late August or September, and today we get our answer. According to MJs Big Blog, the pop star’s new single will be called “Mr. Know It All,” and it drops August 30! Details on Kelly’s new tune below.

Here are just a few of the descriptions and reactions to the song in MJ’s single post, thanks to 1043MyFM who got a listen to the song this afternoon:

:: “Medium tempo. Super different from her normal stuff but REALLY good!”

:: “It is AMAZING! Kelly still has the huge powerful voice, but does some new things with it and incorporates some great drum beats and tempo.”

:: It apparently has a “Just The Way You Are” vibe, while the vocals sound more like Pink.

This is all great news. But of course, with the good news comes the bad… an Australian entertainment retailer, who also got a listen to the single (and calls it “bloody phenomenal”), claims that none of the leaked songs to hit the net will be on Kelly’s album.

Let’s hope that last bit isn’t true. We were loving “Let Me Down” and “Dark Side”!

[Via MJs Big Blog]

  • Rainbowhitesnake

    Wonderful news.
    But, Kelly’s vocals sound more like Pink? Yuck!!!
    Maybe if Pink sounded great all of a sudden.
    Peace OUT.

  • Rob

    Pink kills every track she’s on, as anyone who knows anything about music will agree. Looking forward to it.

  • Dev

    In the words of Kelly… come. get. me!! Bring it Kelly!!! I cannot wait :)

  • little bear

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