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  • http://www.twitter.com/@tifftaeyeon Tiff Taeyeon

    Wow, these artists are so talented!

    We need more stuff like this in America. The songs are so catchy and the styling is amazing. I can’t choose a favorite!

  • JJ

    There are some good groups in there, but I don’t agree with all that were chosen. 2NE1 is the only girl group that I think has potential along with Big Bang and TVXQ. They should have had MBLAQ in there. Their song Mona Lisa really stood out among all the songs this year and yet didn’t get enough recognition. f(x) should have been on this list as well.

  • http://www.twitter.com/@tifftaeyeon Tiff Taeyeon


    I’m glad they went for more unique and talented groups like Sunny Hill and Brown Eyed Girls instead of all the same typical idol groups you always see. This list is less mainstream than most and shows a new charm of k-pop to international readers.

  • Ghia

    right… Sunny hill and BEG are definitely worth it to be part in the list..
    they’ve got real talent(vocal-wise), unlike the other groups who depend on looks and catchy yet autotuned music..
    Kpop definitely needs more group like these two.. 2ne1 and bigbang are great too..

  • bammie

    Wonder Girls! the QUEEN of kpop!

  • greatbeans

    Wonder Girls… I love the group since Jonas concert. They’re lovely and have catchy songs. I like them

  • Sapphira01

    I am such a fan of 2NE1 and BIG BANG. They have been my favorites for a long time. I love SNSD and Wonder Girls, SHIN-ee, etc. There are so many great K-Pop groups out there and it’s great to see them get recognition and even crossover! I am excited for 2NE1 and BIG BANG. I can only hope that when they come over, there are no major changes because they all have unique personalities and styles. Whether or not coaches and stylists decide to make small alterations for say, the US crowd, they will be appreciated for their talent, because they are truly talented. I am so enamored with K-Pop that I’ve been trying my hand at learning Korean for almost a year now. Even when there is no translation, I still enjoy the music!! LOL. May sound corny, but I appreciate their music and individuality. Best of wishes to ALL K-Pop artists out there! I LUV BIG BANG & 2NE1!!!!!!!!!

  • Braidon Berry

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!

  • Vantarii
  • Areku K

    I like this stuff because the songs are catchy and the girls are damn cute but why in the world is K-pop going to make mainstream when legit Japanese acts can’t? I’m talking Ayumi, Otsuka, Utada, Yaiko, etc.

    Even BoA and Rain haven’t truly made it here and their fan bases are WAAAAAAY bigger

    I think some of you are taking youtube views away too seriously. Half of them are for the sex, the other half are people genuinely interested in the music and MOST OF THEM ARE FROM Asia.

  • deedee

    1. japan don’t need to. they’re 2nd biggest industry. any other market beside US is just downgrade and i doubt they want to waste money just to test making into the market.
    2. kpop basically…get most of it’s stuffs from US music and Europop so that’s why western people pay attention to them since it sound similar to their music
    3. over promotion and hype. i doubt Kpop have really is as big as media report other wise every other kpop groups would be in US right now. even SMTOWN lied about their tickets sold out in france because my friend still be able to buy ticket at the gate.
    4. they have a strong fanbase…of 14 yrs old or same demo as beiber except way crazier that think kpop is the best and IDOLS are so “talented” and try to promote them constantly like spamming videos so the view would appear in the front page hence attract more attention

    • tko

      1. japan don’t need to. they’re 2nd biggest industry. any other market beside US is just downgrade and i doubt they want to waste money just to test making into the market. ??

      I bet you don’t even know what you are talking about. Any market other than Japan and USA is a downgrade? wth does that mean?? u mean japan market is way bigger than Asia and Europe as a whole? pls make some sense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Elizabeth-Auston-Halpern/1121313859 Amber Elizabeth Auston Halpern

    Wonder Girls are bomb! Tell me, Irony…I love their sound!

  • crash berlin
  • ty

    Wonder Girls probably honestly have the best chance. Want to know why? Because they ALL speak English. That’s really important. :/