Lady Gaga Plays A Mermaid And A Man In “You And I” Video

So much for that Thursday night premiere on MTV. After filming a low-concept, no-budget clip for “The Edge Of Glory”, Lady Gaga’s “You And I” video features the singer back to basics, wearing a whole closet of bizarre get-ups. The pop star even manages to cross-dress as both a man and a mermaid in what may be the most satisfying video yet from her Born This Way cycle. Also: barnyard science experiments, various dance breaks, bloody stilettos and cornfield piano jams. Watch below!

Lady Gaga – “You And I”

Gaga’s male alter-ego in the video has a name — Jo Calderone, who first premiered last September in Gaga’s Vogue Hommes Japan photo spread.

Though we’ve seen pop stars make out with themselves in their videos before — go ahead and rewatch Pink’s “Sober” to see for yourself — we can’t remember when an artist dressed up as the opposite sex during their makeout sesh. Ah, Gaga, breaking boundaries yet again!

What do you think of Gaga’s new video? Tell us below.

  • Nyan


  • Crion
  • Jacobe

    yawn. another non-hit.

  • Catherine Holloway

    The tone of the video just seems wrong for the song. It’s a mid-tempo power ballad, not a dance song. The video is too frenetic: the dancing is too fast and the scenes change too quickly. But, like all her videos, it’s still entertaining in the same sense as going to a modern art gallery while high.

  • lo

    i totally agree with Catherine.

    this video is much too spastic for the song. usually, a video makes me like a song more, not less. the last time one of her videos coaxed me into shelling out for the single was Telephone. that frantic mish-mash of crap was as hyper as the song. lately, her work has been a little off.

    gonna go listen to some bjork now.

  • Dita James

    Ha ha ha why does she look better as a bloke? And Shania Twain wants her song back

  •!/sobercool ERIC

    Amazing video! She hit the nail with this one.



  • Vladimir Movsesian

    Either, Lady Gaga has got a good sense of humour or the most of she does looks ridiculous.

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    My favourite scene is lone-walking on the road in the black widow-costume.

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    In overall, this video stands too close to range of scenes of “Judas”.
    Dances don’t fit the song – absolutely!
    Piano-playing at the corn-field like the scene from “Scary Movie”(3 or 4).lol.
    And, finally, she is born this way – born like a mermaid)
    My rank to “You & I”: 7.5 (10).

  • danny

    I thought it was gonna be more of a softer side where she’s walking from NY to be with this guy and when she gets there it’s all this lovey dovey stuff but instead she getting held hostage to become a mermaid in a bath tub.

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    1:39 sec – look at Gaga – blonde Alicia Keys playing the piano) lol)

  • Xadax

    She’s ripping off another indie. What a bitch!
    The dancing in the cornfield etc…
    What’s the alter ego doin’ on the video? What’s the purpose?

  • supermariah

    Another FLOP from Mother monster.. and I still prefer MARIAH as EMINEM on her OBSESSED video. Mother monster looks like a lunatic here.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz

  • austin

    ok the video is actually quite brilliant in my opinion. its about a girl who is repeatedly brought back to life by this mad scientist frankenstein like dude to serve a purpose she doesnt want to serve… so she creates an alter ego (calderone) and a fantasy world where she can play piano and make love to her own reflection in peace. there’s also the contrast of the mermaid, who seems quite happy and delerious throughout the video, but i think it’s more a metaphor for the girl’s free time: when she’s in the water. and once again she makes love to a man in the water, but it’s the very same man who continually shocks her/resurrects her or clones her, however u want to put it. and i thought the dancing was brilliant personally.
    as for the woman on the road with the battered heels and robotic machine arm, she is one of the rejects of the frankenstein experiment. she wants revenge. she isnt leaving without him.

    • Michael English

      Even if everything you say is what was the intent, it’s still pointless and banal. +++ Points for you trying to extract meaning. – - – Fail to LG for wasting time, energy and other people’s talents (it’s beautifully filmed and MrWhitePants will hopefully get more ‘exposure’ soon).

  • austin

    why bother posting negative garbage like this over a piece of work that took hundreds of hours to produce? get out.

  • Tom OSullivan

    I think its exactly what we should have expected from lady gaga! Its a really amazing video and its shot really well and there’s nothing to complain about so get over it people! ….Its lady gaga!

  • gosiaqq

    I Love this video :) Its amazing :)

  • Ronnie

    Its an interesting video I’ll tell you that but I don’t get it. Whats with the mermaid and the Frankenstein and the wedding? Its so bundled up I can’t figure out what the hells going on.

  • Lu

    The video cannot distract from how bad the song is. It reminds my a lot of that famous 4 non blondes song.

    It is scary how she never smiles. I am not a hater, I even went to her Monster’s Ball, I felt exactly the same, she always so serious and uptight…

    • Michael English

      Agreed. It is a horrible song. I dread hearing it for months.

  • Robert Evans

    This video is so bipolar and show no correlation to the point of the song. First, the guy in the video is too pretty/buff to go with this whole “scary/bound” situation. Then why are you so ADD about it… every 1.5 second clip shows something new, which doesn’t follow a story/path at all..

    Gaga you are losing it.

  • Michael English

    It’s beautifully filmed, but a pointless mess. WhitePants is incredibly hot and I think LG has never looked better as she does with the straight weeeeg and nude makeup, for the first time possibly attractive.

    I think it is one of the worst singles released in years. It sounds like a melody for something on Sesame Street. It’s completely banal as is the entire record. Plot lost.

    (and in response to ‘why hate on something that took hours to make’. That is hilarious. As if amount of time means anything. Jeez)

  • Krissy

    I love how everyone will forever now try to compare her songs to other artists stuff. The big problem I see with all that is each one of you who did it named a different song. hmmmmm.
    The video bored me, the song was mediocre, video made no sense when listening to the song (in fact it was kind of annoying) but even with all that, I still love the woman and think she puts on a very entertaining show.
    And yes. Mr. WhitePants is hot. So ok, see? There was one good thing I (well, Michael) found in all that mess

  • mckenziejohn2011

    i hate people who hate lady gaga . this video is brilliant .

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  • JasonJ

    Who is the guy in the video the one with the tattoo on his back

  • Caig

    Nice bit of guitar work from Brian May from Queen here too!

  • http://what monica


  • Ollie

    I think Gaga making out via butch and femme versions of herself is amazing and hot. Her boy drag is hot. Her mermaid drag is hot. Hell, her Cher drag is hot. All the video image switching is a representation of the zillion rapidfire thoughts one has triggered by the ambivilance about feeling mushy-regular-’ol-love when everything in our culture warns that it will break you, make you weak, suck you dry, and will be a waste of time rather than working more and maybe being more outwardly successful. Though you might not want to admit it, love makes you feel so sexy you wanna make out with yourself, like a virgin bride/studly groom, like a bad Cher video (pole-climbing and all), like a magical being/fish-out-of-water (or Madonna from the Cherish video), crazy like Frankenstein, like you’re drowning, and maybe even like a simple country-girl/nutjob dancing in a cornfield. Yep, all that in a split second of thought. What the heck, the song did its popsong job.
    Did I mention her boy-drag is hot?

  • mike

    did u ever find out the name of the guy in the you and i video? i really want a better look at his back tattoo

  • JT

    The guy with the tattoo on his back Taylor Kinney. That is the name I came across.

  • Mike

    AWESOME song and video. It could make me like country music! GaGa shows her talent yet again. Sorry, haters!

  • Amanda

    His name is Taylor Kinney and he used to be on the NBC show Trauma until it was canceled last fall. He is a HOTTIE!!!

  • stephanie

    Manoww aquela footo que tá no inicío do site é a Lady Gaga? Se for parabéns,não tanem parecendo ela…Cara esse vdeo é muito ZICA..Se for ela no Menininho manoww ela como Homen seria gato pq ela ou ele ta linda como homen ou se numm for ele é muito gostozo