Lady Gaga And Cher’s “The Greatest Thing” Coming This September

Aug 17th, 2011 // 2 Comments

You’ll only have to wait just another few weeks before Lady Gaga and Cher’s collaboration on “The Greatest Thing” becomes the greatest thing to ever happen to pop music. The “Believe” diva revealed via Twitter that the mid-tempo ballad, which was originally written by Gaga and RedOne, will be released “SEPTEMBER”. Fully prepare for this match made in gay icon heaven by listening to Gaga’s demo recording of the song after the jump.

“The Greatest Thing” will serve as the lead single to Cher’s 26th studio album, though no release date for either the single or the album has been announced yet.


  1. LordGagaTX

    the song that everyones heard is a very early demo, it might sound very different when it releases. Cher is perfect for this song, it has a nice message and Gaga would fit in perfectly. This is the LEAD single, so im expecting a video, and performances, and stuff. This is my dream collaboration so im sure it will be epic. :DDD

  2. Tretchol

    Hey, what about Karen Carpenter, Lady Gaga hasn’t completely delved into the “flip” of gay iconography, yet…..
    Cher and Lady Gaga should cover The Carpenter’s “(They Long To Be) Close To You”; if “Gaga” of course needs to seep further into a populus or demographic she possibly had no inkling towards along with Cher and her newer found affinity post restructuring Burlesque from “Showgirls”. Its the cult of stardom.LONG LIVE KAREN CARPENTER!

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