Linda Perry Disses Katy Perry — Oh No She Didn’t!

And she was having such a good week! Katy Perry might have cinched the record for most #1 singles from the same album, but she still has yet to convince some people of her pop prowess. Linda Perry (former lead singer of 4 Non Blondes, and songwriter of tunes for Pink, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani, to name a few) didn’t hesitate to insult Katy’s album during a recent interview, calling it “crap.”

The singer-songwriter was being interviewed backstage at the Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood when she was asked about the state of the music industry. She begins her answer by saying that although she’s not an Adele fan, she has respect towards the British singer’s massively popular 21. “It’s a solid record, and it’s selling,” she says.

But things get nastier when she compares it to the current chart queen, Katy Perry. “Like, who wants a fucking Katy Perry record?” she said to interviewer Heath Daniels. “I’m sorry. You know, you’re gonna get the two songs that are probably the hits that are good, but the rest of the album is gonna be crap. It is, it’s gonna sound like shit and who cares about buying that record? So people download the single and then that’s it.”

She backpeddaled a bit as she continued: “I’m not saying that Katy’s bad, I mean she’s great for what she does, but she’s not reinventing the wheel, she’s not giving substance, she’s giving you know microwave popcorn for you to feast on right at this moment, you know. And that’s it.”

“And that’s what she wants to do obviously. She’s not looking to change the world musically… so all the power to her and everybody who is like that. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m saying it’s not what I participate in and that is the reason why the music business is in turmoil, so to say.”

To answer her question: lots of people want a Katy Perry record. Lots and lots and lots. We personally gave her album a glowing review, and though not every track is as memorable as the last, the majority of it is delicious fun. It’s certainly worth buying the album as a whole to discover the seven other songs that didn’t get the single treatment. (And truth be told, if some of those tracks did become singles, there’s no telling that they wouldn’t be as successful as her others.)

And if you think Katy is only about euphemisms and cotton candy, take a listen to the evocative ballad “Not Like The Movies” and try to tell us again that this woman has no substance.

Which Perry are you siding with? Do you think Linda has a point? Tell us below.

  • Elijah

    I think that, for those who really know Katy’s music, there’s evidence that she can go deeper. “Not Like the Movies” is a great example. But most people still know her by her singles, which are incredibly catchy and largely not all that deep. Maybe that will change with the next album…who knows? I’d like to see more depth. But you can’t blame someone who’s tried to make it as much as she has for doing what it takes to be successful, especially when it actually ends up working.

  • Safari Poet

    I agree with Linda Perry 100%. Songs like Katy Perry’s are the type you’ll listen to today, but I doubt you’ll still be in 10 years.

  • Brian Carpenter

    LINDA needs to get an effing life. ive never heard of this old hag or her band and shes just jealous that katy is pretty talented, and making world records, this whore can suck a d. katys album is multiplatinum. like who does this ho think she is haha. katy perry is the best

    • Kristine Nguyen

      yeah i agree w/ u

  • Sara J

    Ya and “What’s Up” was a real life changer. I mean seriously a song that everyone associates with smoking weed.

  • Jack

    @Brian Carpenter – Linda Perry is actually a music industry veteran, and her band was/still is extremely famous to those who are old enough to know who they are.
    I don’t agree that no one wants a Katy Perry album (clearly not, as her albums are selling ridiculous amounts), and it seems strange to attack someone who is doing their thing in their genre of music (pop is not always going to be the most substantial genre), however Perry (linda) is just speaking from her standpoint, and I can see it from her perspective too.


    I am def siding with Linda. Her point is well taken. Put that asterisk next to Katy Perry record. Her quality music could never be on par with legendary MJ who set the bar high that with the same number K Perry still aint there where Mike was when he set that record. Mike is an innovator. KATY PERRY AINT WITH HER BRAND OF MUSIC.

  • danny

    Gah. Katy’s just having fun being girly on her 5 #1′s in a row, #1 album and over a year long tour making $300 a ticket while Linda is rocking out at the House of Blues still selling tickets for $25. Bittttttterrrrr.

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    People love and accept Katy Perry’s songs. Maybe she doesn’t or can’t create musical tendencies to the world, but that’s not her job – like Linda says – music business in a turmoil – perhaps, so Katy’s music fill the empty parts in the music world. We live at hard times and we don’t need “hard” music from Linda P. We need Katy, Britney, Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna – EVERYTHING HAS ITS TIME.

  • Victor Atomic

    lol ahh I love Linda even more…Katy is a product. p.s. Linda can lay back and sip on her whiskey for all she cares – if you look at the biggest hits she has written she is far from ‘bitter’.

  • James

    I see ‘Katy’s side’ and ‘Linda’s side’ in this argument. Linda Perry is a very well known women just to add, just because she isn’t prancing around with whipped cream on her tits doesn’t mean she isn’t a well known, respected women. I think Katy is doing exactly what Linda is saying basically-Though there is no problem with that, that’s what all the other artists out there right now are doing so why should she not? It’s her job, she needs to make money, this is the way to do it!

  • Xadax

    Not Like The Movies & that’s it! Linda’s side of course.

  • jasons0660

    Last Friday Night only got to number 1 because Billboard has used a double-counting trick. This involves combining the sales from the two different versions of the song and then assigning the combined sales figure to the main version. It’s basically a fraud.

  • jasons0660

    I have to agree that Katy Perry’s album has sold poorly.

  • Godiva

    I enjoy Katy’s music, but I agree with Linda wholeheartedly. There is zero substance. Not Like The Movies is deep by Katy Perry standards, but in reality, it’s a cute little ballad that’s relatively meaningless. Who Am I Living For? is a vague attempt at being deep and exploring religious metaphors, and lyrically, it completely fails, because she is unclear about what exactly she means. Even my favorites, like The One That Got Away or Hummingbird Heartbeat are pretty unoriginal, or at least not an innovation. She’s not going to be remembered, sorry to say, because she just adds more to the pile of standard pop music.

  • Theofficialjme

    I Agree with Linda I think it was just buy luck and good timing to be honest I dont care for katy doesnt even sing good live… just sayin

  • ZMH

    shockingly, i agree with linda. with 2 albums in a row katy has proved she was exactly an album artist (at least to me). however,linda could put it in a nice way, and, not necessarily towards katy perry (come one it’s not like she’s the worst in this category).

  • Truth Seeker

    I agree with Linda 100%.

  • kp

    teenage dream might be the best pop album of the past decade, and the five number one singles are not the only good songs it has to offer. it may not be the most complex or life-changing music but it touches on concepts and emotions everyone can relate to in the catchiest way imaginable, thanks in part to great songwriting and incredible production from dr. luke, max martin, benny blanco, tricky stewart, and greg wells. i’m a fan of linda’s work but she’s off her rocker on this one.

  • KarmaLovesGumbo

    Drives me crazy when people judge an artist only on their singles, as if that’s all there is to him/her. I suspect Linda hasn’t listened to Perry’s album or she wouldn’t come to the conclusion that it’s crap. Lots of great stuff on the album that’s deeper and more interesting than the singles. (Isn’t that always the case?)

  • neitherperrynoreperry

    I don’t care much for either of these artists but I have to take Katy’s side just for the fact that…..well I am old enough to remember Linda’s music, but the only song I remember is Whats Up….and I never bought it as a single or an album. hmmm

  • Prince Percy

    well I guess it should not go around with that big mouth simply humiliating Katy as if she is and where she could not got all day. And here comes who is Linda Perry? I do not know this creature and her best look back over the numbers that Katy has shown. Linda you a cow

  • scout

    in 5 years no one will care about katy perry

  • http://none Loni

    Katy Perry, at 26, has come this far in her field of career? And there’s people out there like Linda Perry discouraging/slamming her for it and people saying no one will know Katy Perry in 5 years?….DAMN I’m not in love with Katy Perry or her music, but why the hate?
    Yeah you might not like her music or agree that it’s “different” but come on…the lady has 5 #1 singles from just an album and the only other person to do that was Michael Jackson…yeah singles don’t say much about the artist but it IS an accomplishment that clearly isn’t easy to achieve and to do so is a huge achievement and I don’t think anyone, especially Linda Perry as an artist herself, should be criticizing Katy Perry for her work.

  • The Brad

    Linda Perry….a monumental snob! A collosal music snob. A pissed off snob that someone comes along, Katy Perry, and cleans the clock of music world and she can’t undestand how all her oh so sensitive musical prowess is upset by candy cane pop. Maybe it’s because so many people are sick and tired of all the existential, teeth grinding, soul-serching depth and self-reflective (and self-contratulatory) masturbation. Wake up you are complete twit. What the hell were the early Beatles all about? “I wann hold your hand.” and “She love me and you know that can’t be bad…ooooo ooooo oooo.” Katy perry has hit the nerve of generations of people that just want to feel good and she totally delivers. Wake up, LInda and just do what you do without puking all your self absorbed angst over those who just feel good listenting to Katy Perry,

  • The Brad

    And oh yes, Safari Poet,….who is getting a lifetime achievement retrospective at the VMA awards, over 10 years after she started her pop career…why who else but Brittney Spears. 10 years later and people still remember “Oops I did it again.” People have a long membory for what they enjoy.

  • Jaycers

    Lol.. Linda Perry is just a sour puss.

    Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” has gone multiplatinum and she has gotten FIVE #1s in a row from the ONLY FIVE PROMOTED SINGLES from that album. Her songs are fun and are different from most pop stars’ songs today and actually have meaning to them..

    I mean all Rihanna talks about is sex in her songs, not that I don’t like Rihanna, but Rihanna has way less lyrical meaning in her music than Katy Perry.

    Linda Perry is ridiculous also because Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” album was released last August of 2010 and is still one of the best sellers of THIS year, 2011…

  • Jaycers

    Like Katy Perry said… “hey people can talk all they want, but NUMBERS DON’T LIE.”


    you are wrong we need great music and kids like crapy music and thats ok they are kids and want to have fun,. but from an adult standpoint do not tell me alof Gaga rhyanna, swifts. keisha, spears, underwood have great music sorry but its not true, thanks


    you are wrong we need great music and kids like crapy music and thats ok they are kids and want to have fun,. but from an adult standpoint do not tell me alof Gaga rhyanna, swifts. keisha, spears, underwood have great music sorry but its not true, thanks…

  • Jaycers

    first of all Frank, if you would learn how to spell maybe we would be able to tolerate your statement more.

    Who are Rhyanna swifts and keisha? You have nothing to back up your point so don’t even bother posting replies

  • LKS

    I agree with you Linda, being a singer myself, i heard a rumor stating she sings her songs an octive lower on stage with her songs. What is that? I feel like the songs are STUDIO MADE, and all you have to do is have big breasts and a pretty face to make it. Don’t get me wrong, I have big breasts and a pretty face, no one is hating here, but I have lost respect for her as an artist. She is constantly talking about sex, and sex sells; but here I am LINDA PERRY; AN ARTIST WHO WANTS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, AND SING SOMETHING ON THE MIC THAT CAN BE CONTROVERSAL, AND MEANINGFUL. Hope I get to meet you one day. I wouldn’t be able to say what her message is, or why she is singing. Pink, from day one i understand her message, same with christina aguilera. WHERE IS YOUR STORY KATY, ON PROATIVE.COM?

  • Sarah

    People don’t appreciate how damaging Katy Perry really is. She is a strong female role-model for all young girls now, and along with people like Rhianna they are giving the impression that in order to be popular you need to be all ‘cute’ and ‘sexy’ and ‘fun’. Linda Perry has more substance in one hair than Katy Perry has ever had in her entire existance. You cannot say that someone who dresses up like a sweet shop and sings crap lyrics about “California Girls melting your Popsicle”… Go and listen to ‘Bigger, Better, Faster, More’ by 4 Non Blondes (Linda Perry’s band) and tell me her beautiful, honest, and pure messages don’t move you. She has no need to be jealous, she was in a successful band, she now writes music for Kelly Osbourne, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera (Linda wrote the song ‘Beautiful’!) and she is probably loaded and happy. She never needed to dress up like a cheap whore and dance around with her boobs out, no, she has always been herself, individual, unique, and still fun-loving at the same time! More power to real female role models like Linda Perry!

  • the dude

    hahaha linda perry shouldn’t have backedoff her initial statement. katy perry aint what you’d call real talented but there are no end to the boobs that will buy her stuff…just like tghe people who buy microwave popcorn lol

    and kids if you’re listening to chrisitina or brittiny or pink or no doubt or courtney love or about a million other people yall already listening to linda perry. shes in demenad as a hit maker for lots of folks (which takes some talent).

  • Lindsay

    Katy Perry duh. She’s great and she does have deeper songs.

  • eljeran

    katy perry’s career will end as soon as her looks are gone, just like every other pop star. They are all created to make the maximum amount of money off of the crazed tween audiences. Katy is merely a trained monkey. The do what they label tells them until the label dumps them for someone younger. Then she’ll end up on the reality tv circuit.