Nicki Minaj Sings On David Guetta’s “Turn Me On”: Listen To The Full Song

A few days ago we got a peek at Nicki Minaj singing on David Guetta’s Nothing But The Beat track “Turn Me On”, which Guetta called “shocking”. Today comes the full-length club-banger, and the only thing we’re shocked by is Guetta’s decision to take one of the most exciting rapper’s today and not only have her not rap, but drown her in Auto-Tune. Track below.

David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj – “Turn Me On”

We mean no offense to the MC’s singing voice (she sounds lovely singing on various bits of Pink Friday), but what’s the point of getting Nicki Minaj on a song unless she’s going to bust out one of her wild, over-the-top raps? Any singer in the world could have laid their vocals on this song to similar effect, and besides, Nicki is already featured on Guetta’s album (and much more effectively so) on “Where Dem Girls At”. There surely must have been other people the DJ/producer could have put on this song.

What do you think of Nicki and David’s collab? Tell us below.

  • RYK101

    cool very dancey

    but this just confirms nicki is a POP artist and that’s it!!

    Mr. Guetta can i ask you another favor?? Stop drowning the artist featured on your songs in auto-tune it’s annoying!

  • Ian

    Nick is a classically trained singer. She was that BEFORE she was a rapper. Sure some of her songs sound poopy, but her mixtapes don’t. People are hating because she is a great cross-over artist. Nick is one of the most relevant artists of the decade. She is constantly chaining her style so you don’t know what to expect. That’s good. At least she doesn’t scream fireworks for the entire song. This is a great club/dance song. Team Nicki 4 Life!!!!!!!

    • Brenna

      Haha! She does sound POOPY cause she sucks

  • srkislia

    Like Ian said, she’s a classically trained singer, and knowing this, we can assume that Me. Guetta is merely using the auto-tune as an instrument rather than an aid. It’s just a shame that the first time we really get a chance to hear her sing, it’s so auto tune heavy. I love this song!!!! Looking forward to more Nicki singing in the future!!

  • Ronnie

    I think the song is amazing! Yes, it has a pinch too much auto tune but no-one gave a damn when T-pain used it! So just leave the auto tune thing alone.

  • Belie Dat WHOA!!!!!

    I like it, its different and unexpected like Nicki. All the people who say shes wack need to #Sit there asses down, seh went to a music and performing arts school and studied acting and SINGING!!! besides remember h8ers only give the fuel to go harder, so keep it up!:)

  • Ian

    Nicely said

  • ヅ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ -ΛalexisR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ヅ

    Yupp she can sing. If you wanna hear her more clearly just listen to Save Me on her album.

  • Dan

    Oh wow, this is SUPER annoying… talk about a seizure of the ears!

  • Ian

    Reading Dan’s comment was SUPER annoying!!!!!

  • David Salter

    Um, because this is a DAVID GUETTA song, not a NICKI MINAJ song. Guetta has every right to do what he pleases with the vocals laid down by his guests. He’s an electronica/dance producer, it’s what he does. If Nicki was having Guetta come in and produce a track for HER and didn’t want her vocals processed, then that’d be a different story.

  • Joshua

    This is dance music. Auto-tune is a MAJOR ingredient in club bangers. This song is pure fire.

  • ashlee

    i luvv Nicki Minaj shee tha baddest betch iynn twn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs amd kissez tw uu BARBIE…………………………….ITS BARBIE BETCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(nICKI MIN AJ’S VOICE((: LUVV UU BARBIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • crtynmkjvz

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  • Mandie Albrecht

    Is Nicky the first performer singing this song? Didn’t someone sing it in the 8os?