Britney Spears’ Next Single Will Be “Trouble For Me” — Or Not

Aug 25th, 2011 // 9 Comments

Will Britney Spears hurry up and pick her fourth Femme Fatale single? First we got word that it would be the ex-boffing track “Inside Out”, then the rumor was that it would be the Sabi-featuring tune “(Drop Dead) Beautiful”, and now Prophet Blog has concluded from a series of clues that Brit’s next single appears to be “Trouble For Me”.

The problem is, none of these are “Criminal” or “How I Roll”, so we refuse to believe any of these will be Brit’s next official single. After three calls to the dancefloor, we think it’s about time the pop star took it down a notch either with a ballad or at least a song set at a different speed.

While you’re waiting for Spears’ camp to just come out with it already, jam out to Brit’s dubstep-y track.


  1. danny

    It’s great for the radio and if Femme Fatale is destined for dance, then let the dance singles fly. i think she COULD take it down a notch but Britney and ballads never has worked.

  2. “The problem is, none of these are “Criminal” or *******“HOW I ROLL”********

    How I Roll needs to be a single. That is my second favorite song off of Femme Fatale. It’s different, it’s cool. It’s a chill song. I love it.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hate this song! she’s trying to hard now it should be seal it with a kiss or criminal

  4. Kelly


  5. bop

    THIS BETTER NOT BE TRUE, the song is alright but it really really REALLY should NOT be the next single! inside out is the obvious choice ! its perfect..she even has references from her past hits in there and the song is a different tempo and its one of the best songs on the cd! she better not go for that song

  6. bop

    she better not go for trouble for me*

  7. rose

    How I Roll or Criminal!!!!!!!!

  8. rose

    HOW I ROLL IS PERFECT…..Different and very cool!!!!!!! and it’s funny like Britney

  9. bobs

    It’s CRIMINAL!!!

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