Britney Spears’ Next Single Will Be “Trouble For Me” — Or Not

Will Britney Spears hurry up and pick her fourth Femme Fatale single? First we got word that it would be the ex-boffing track “Inside Out”, then the rumor was that it would be the Sabi-featuring tune “(Drop Dead) Beautiful”, and now Prophet Blog has concluded from a series of clues that Brit’s next single appears to be “Trouble For Me”.

The problem is, none of these are “Criminal” or “How I Roll”, so we refuse to believe any of these will be Brit’s next official single. After three calls to the dancefloor, we think it’s about time the pop star took it down a notch either with a ballad or at least a song set at a different speed.

While you’re waiting for Spears’ camp to just come out with it already, jam out to Brit’s dubstep-y track.

  • danny

    It’s great for the radio and if Femme Fatale is destined for dance, then let the dance singles fly. i think she COULD take it down a notch but Britney and ballads never has worked.

  • bsfan18

    “The problem is, none of these are “Criminal” or *******“HOW I ROLL”********

    How I Roll needs to be a single. That is my second favorite song off of Femme Fatale. It’s different, it’s cool. It’s a chill song. I love it.

  • Jassiem Garcia

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hate this song! she’s trying to hard now it should be seal it with a kiss or criminal

  • Kelly


  • bop

    THIS BETTER NOT BE TRUE, the song is alright but it really really REALLY should NOT be the next single! inside out is the obvious choice ! its perfect..she even has references from her past hits in there and the song is a different tempo and its one of the best songs on the cd! she better not go for that song

  • bop

    she better not go for trouble for me*

  • rose

    How I Roll or Criminal!!!!!!!!

  • rose

    HOW I ROLL IS PERFECT…..Different and very cool!!!!!!! and it’s funny like Britney

  • bobs

    It’s CRIMINAL!!!