Pitbull Responds To Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit With An Invite To The VMAs

Pitbull recently found himself in hot water with Lindsay Lohan when the actress filed a lawsuit for “irreparable harm” and “mental anguish and pain” from a lyric in “Give Me Everything”. The Planet Pit artist shared today via his website that he was “very surprised”, and that he sees the verse (and his new album as a whole) as incredibly positive. “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan … if you’re from the neighborhood [it means] you run the area.” The Idolator interviewee continued that he believed it would be “helping” the 25-year-old’s career, and even extended an invitation to Sunday’s VMAs (where he’ll be performing the song live) as an olive branch.

Even though Miami native has cleared the air, it’s unclear as to whether the case will end up in court or in a settlement with the actress. How do you think LL will respond to Pitbull’s invite? We have a funny feeling she’ll be washing her hair that night.

[Planet Pit]

  • LMG

    her “irreparable harm” and “mental anguish and pain” will be well compensated by attending the VMA’s and good for you LL for managing to get your name in the paper without being arrested first.
    can Pitbull (nice name by the way ((sarcasm!))) say ‘puplicity stunt’ as he is singing on stage or would that be to harmful?

  • http://www.huglaw.com/ Sarah

    Seriously, does LL do anything positive for attention, like, ever? I can’t believe she would file a lawsuit over something so frivolous. Never mind, I take that back, I can believe it.