Kelly Clarson’s Tells Off “Mr. Know It All” In New Song

Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All” won’t officially be released until August 30, but the Internet seems to have a way of handing over the goods early. The American Idol alum — who has battled web leaks earlier this year — seems to have emerged ever-stronger (as the title of her upcoming album, and the sassy intensity in this latest track would suggest). Below check out the 29-year-old siren’s track (produced and co-written by Digging artist Brian Kennedy, with Ester Dean and Brett James). You already know all the lyrics, so click below and get ready to sing along.

Kelly Clarkson – “Mr. Know It All”

The track had recently been described as Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”, with the vocals of P!nk. Now that you’ve had a chance to listen for yourselves, would you agree?

[Via MJ’s Big Blog/Tumblr]

  • danny


  • Riley

    I definitely like the song, but wouldn’t say it’s the best lead single…there’s not enough of an impact that standard Kelly Clarkson songs make. It’s a great song, but I think Let Me Down would have been a better choice

  • Blake

    Love it!

  • John

    It’s a good song, but it’s not a great song. Definitely hear the Bruno melody, but the vocal doesn’t sound like Pink to me. There’s just something missing in the vocal impact that most of Kelly’s records have.

  • aew

    Really weak song and highly doubt it’ll go to #1 like MLWSWU… in fact i’d say she’d be lucky if this even lands in the top 10, maybe top 20. But, considering that I hate Just the Way You Are, I’m not surprised that I don’t like this song. Don’t get the whole Pink vocals thing though. Kelly’s voice is nowhere near Pink’s or even anywhere near her own normally strong voice on this song. It’s just not lead single material. If this is any indication as to what the rest of the new album is going to sound like, then I think I’ll skip buying it this time around. I’ll be buying the new Coldplay album on Oct. 25 instead.

  • Kerry

    Perfect choice for a first single.True It doesn’t give us everything we’re used to getting right away from Kelly but that makes us want more! and it’s perfect for radio! Love the song

  • djandy

    Why did the song get leaked before the 30th! I love the new song and it will be Number One just like the rest of her hits! This song has a great vibe and much better than “Just The Way You Are”. I’m just sorry it wasn’t released as scheduled like Kelly wanted it too! I love you Kelly and can’t wait til “Stronger” comes out!!!

  • Cavin

    I love it! At first listen I liked it, but after 3-4 more.. LOVE IT! It’s so catchy and refreshing! I can’t get it out of my head!

  • Charlie

    its pretty but she should have gone with either Dark Side, I Forgive You, What Doesn’t Kill You or Let me Down..

  • sv

    Surprisingly catchy. Definitely get that Bruno Mars feel, but I really like this!

  • Rose.

    “Dark Side” would have been a perfect first single! That was love at first listen. This song is okay, but I’ve had to listen to it a few times to enjoy it. I like when songs come out strong right from the start.

  • kristin

    This song is Okay! Not a number One though! She should have went with “what doesn’t kill you” as her first single

  • david

    Great single! I’m feeling a new sound from her.

  • Sarah

    I am a huge Kelly fan been a fan since 2003 and i love how each record she comes out with something new and fresh. I like the song a lot, it sounds like a single but im not sure about it being the first single. ???
    Can def hear a bit of Bruno Mars melody in there. And for the person who says shes not good as P!nk you don’t know what you are talking about. P!nk is great but so i Kelly. You would have to be a fool in thinking that shes not.
    I have met her in person and in concert a few times and she is fantastic in every way! I cannot wait to hear the onther songs on the album!

  • A Fan

    Kelly doesnt get to select the singles, the Record Label does. This song without a doubt will be a smash and I am sure we will get a lot of great songs off this album. I get a kick out of all the critics that are saying they wished for another My Life Would Suck” hit.. to me that was the weakest song on her last album but was the most successful.. hmmmm, thats why I avoid the top 40 that is mostly controled by 12 year old girls. THANKS KELLY FOR DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!

  • ZMH

    Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”, with the vocals of P!nk, is basically what it is. a little too Bruno and a little short of Pink, but i can get by with this.

  • A Fan

    Bruno was the last person I thought of when i heard this, and Pink -ughhhh I am so over hearing the same thing everytime kelly releases a song.. it’s getting soo old. I guess it’s the in thing to try and find songs that are slightly similar to any new song that comes out. Of course there are alway obvious ones like halo

  • i love hip hop

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  • Kelly

    Anyone who listens to this song and even remotely thinks of yourselves as huge number one fans of Kelly, you are seriously kidding yourselves. As the ‘huge fans you are’, you would know that Kelly has been battling with leaks all year – and it says it in the description – and she has said it is worse than being physically robbed from. This song is nothing more than a leak. The song won’t be released until Kelly herself does the live premiere on the web on the 30th August. Is that so long to wait?! I would never ever lisen to a leaked song and dare to call myself a big fan of Kellys! Especially after how long the album has been held back, partly due to the leaks! I saw this while doing research for my Facebook Page (RCA Should Appreciate Kelly Clarkson’s Real Talent – for those reading this who are as disgusted as I am) and it never once crossed my mind to listen to the song. I would rather wait and hear it from Kelly’s mouth in TWO DAYS TIME!!! A real fan would wait. And that is what I am. And this website shouldn’t be parading the fact that Kelly has battled with leaks all year and then publish a LEAKED SONG on to its page. Defeats the object and you’re just ruining all the hard work Kelly and her band, producers and everyone else put in to this undoubtedly amazing song. All of Kelly’s songs are amazing! They are all different and all unique! And for those of you who have practically listened to all the leaks and are commenting on which should be the best single, don’t call yourself a Kelly Clarkson fan. Because you can’t be. If you were, you would wait. Just like I am. Just like many others are. They are Kelly’s true fans. Not you.

  • Sarah

    Ok. Instead of blaming us fans Kelly. You need to blame the people who leak the song in the first place. I only listened to the song once and i regret it. I just couldn’t stand to wait another few more days and i thought once wouldn’t hurt. Its the only song that i have listened too as it has been confirmed as the first single. I haven’t even heard all these other leaks because i know how fustrated Kelly is with the deplay in the release and the single itself. I am also afraid that these leaks will damage her record sales. Because Kelly deserves the success that she works so hard for.
    For you to say im not a true Kelly fan is hurtful. I buy every song kelly officially releases. I have brought all her official DVD’s I’ve been to all her Australian concerts in my city. Its the people out there who call themselves fans and don’t buy the music, don’t buy the DVD’s. You should be mad at them. I have waited and now im waiting to buy it on itunes.
    Like i said its the ones who don’t buy the music, illegally download it and save it to their computer or whatever and those who leak it out on the internet.

  • ericb

    Kelly,you are absolutely right.People who STEAL aren’t fans(and it IS stealing,i don’t care what kind of names people choose to call it).If you respect someone dont take from them.and if that makes me a Mr.Know It ALL… someone who cares. Kelly you are 100000% right.

  • sasi

    The leaks are getting insane! I hope this doesn’t ruin her single and album sales. This is disgusting. Poor Kelly. I am beginning to think someone is trying to ruin her career. I always buy Kelly’s music. I don’t blame fans for listening to the leaks because we all love Kelly and get excited to listen to her. Please just make sure you all legally BUY it. Support the artist. She worked hard to please her fans and deserves the support!!!!!

  • Kerry

    @Kelly ok no offense, but you’re a little crazy. I agree with everything you’re saying but dude take it down a notch. It seems you’re more pissed than she is. I do wish the leaks would stop though, if I found out who was doing it i would sue them for everything they own, but i think KC is too nice for that

  • djandy

    “Mr. Know It All” was officially debuted on Kellys Website today! Time for the new vid soon which was shot in Nashville. I know the album will be great! My favorite cd of Kelly’s has to be “My December”. Any true Kelly fan would agree! “Sober” is the best song Kelly as done which deserved to be Number One! I’m hoping this album will have some of that “My December” feel to it. “All I Ever Wanted” was ok. a little too pop, and of course the Classic “Breakaway” will always be one of the biggest selling cd’s ever! “Stronger’ is out October 25th and I can’t wait!

  • Joely

    Not a whole lot of melody happening, is there?

  • Joely

    Not a whole lot of melody happening, is there? Once again, this poor woman is stuck with material that is not good enough for her.

  • http://Idolator Michael Godfrey

    I like this song and I can’t wait until Kelly Clarkson releases a music video for this song.