Justin Bieber Joins MTV’s ‘Punk’d’, Pranks Taylor Swift

Beavis and Butthead isn’t the only MTV show planning a comeback. Punk’d is returning to TV, but instead of Ashton Kutcher as the host, each episode will feature a different celebrity pulling pranking duties. First up? Justin Bieber pranking Taylor Swift.

Bieber – who is already getting into joke-mode after photo-bombing Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s intimate pics at the VMAs – recently performed his song “Baby” with Taylor in Los Angeles last week. But their good friendship couldn’t keep the four-eyed pop star from targeting the country star as his first victim.

The nature of the prank has yet to be revealed, but let’s hope it doesn’t involve interrupting her while accepting an award at an awards show.

[Via Access Hollywood]

  • Entertaining lies

    Celebs pranking celebs just won’t feel the same. A lot of people hate bieber so this is a bad choice for the shows comeback.

    • jessica.oneill

      gosh life sucks sss danm u god for bringing me into diss life arrrrgg

    • jessica.oneill

      a lot of people love him doopy he has girls hanging of him all the time hahaa