Elen Levon’s “Naughty” Video: Idolator Premiere

17-year-old dance-pop performer Elen Levon hails from Sydney, Australia, but it won’t be long before she’s known worldwide. “Forget about them good girls, know that ain’t my persona,” the raven-haired singer exclaims on her debut single “Naughty”, continuing the trend of teen pop gals feeling frisky before they’re of legal age. After giving fans a sneak peek at the song’s thumping video, we’re proud to present the exclusive premiere of the full-length clip, featuring Aussie MC Israel Cruz (who also produced the party jam). Throw away your halo and get “Naughty” below.

“She’s actually what I’ve been waiting for to come out of this country,” artist/producer Cruz said of working with Elen. “Australia’s always had pop artists, but not one that’ll cross over in US — she fills that void. A lot of female artists don’t really dance, but Elen is amazing at both.”

Elen Levon feat. Israel Cruz – “Naughty”

What do you think of Elen’s debut club-banger? Tell us below!

  • hotrod

    I luv this track!! she looks smouldering!!!

  • http://feedlimmy.wordpress.com David Lim

    FIYAH. Can’t wait to hear more from her but this video, for her debut, is beyond sick’ning.

  • macey661

    i love the song!! she looks hot…….

  • Elli

    Oh no… she’s taking everything a little bit seriously for 17? Could she crack a smile once in a while?

  • Rhilover

    LAME-O! ANother idiot teenager acting like a WHOR..SE. Sorry idolater but no talkent here!

  • jessicafrank

    is that a sick joke?

  • reddam

    Supper hot..!

  • chloe

    Love her voice, her presence her energy, her moves. Only 17! Inspiring!

  • roberto

    That video is absolutley terrible! What a waste of space. Boring trash.

  • marina

    17 with charisma!

  • brianfernt

    boring trash is right.

  • sydney

    Fabulous voice! Only 17 ! Love Love Elen!

  • nicky

    Killer voice! So deep!

  • ellz

    i met her before many times. i took art classes with her a long time ago and she used to be my family friend. no joke :)

  • dani

    she takes it serius because its her carer i used to dance with elen and she is an amazing person and performer i think shes done a great job looks great good voice and has made something of her life