Lady Gaga Takes Dressing Like A Man Very Seriously, Wears Fake Penis At VMAs

First Lady Gaga has a penis, then she doesn’t have a penis, now she has a penis again? Make up your mind, Gaga! According to Us Weekly, the gender-bending pop star wore a prosthetic phallus in addition to men’s clothing (and underwear!) while playing her male alter-ego Jo Calderone at the 2011 MTV VMAs. Gaga even went method backstage — jump below to catch her, er, we mean Jo speaking to the press room. It’s almost as uncomfortable to watch as that near-kiss with Britney.

This F-bomb-laden Q&A is pretty awkward, since Gaga refuses to speak as anyone but Jo, but doesn’t really have anything interesting for Jo to say. Gaga should really think about taking some improv classes at Groundlings the next time she wants to step out in character.

“Britney’s fucking hot,” says Jo, when asked if he/she and Britney would ever hook up. “Gaga is my girl, but Britney’s fucking hot — she’s fucking Britney Spears! Didn’t you jerk off to Britney when you were a kid?” How soon before we get Jo uploading a creepy/sweet Jim Carrey-esque video of love about Ms. Spears?

  • danny

    I hope her love for Britney isn’t an entire joke. I think they could make good music together. Even almost with Telephone it actually would have happened.

  • Ferienwohnung

    Every VMA has its something to remember, I sure remember the kiss this year! lol, go Gaga!

  • Alexander Sánchez

    attention seeking freak

  • Benita Hannafin

    I will be taking your advice thanks! Looking forward to more news

  • Michael English

    eye roll

  • Michael English

    Now I get the Bradon Teena reference. I hate all this slightly less now.

  • Della

    She’s just brilliant… I think this was a massive F*** You to all those people who were saying shes a man.

    My only critisism is that she could of put on a more masculin voice :P

  • jenna

    she lady or man

  • joanne

    and ypu i<3 i love in man

  • te7221

    lady gaga is a man his dick came out on national tv he knew that dress was to high thats why when he sat on the motor cycle he kept making sure the dress stayed down he kept pulling it then when he walked form the bike the dress was rising and his dick came out and he pulled thedress back down and made a face he wouldnt keep trying to hide it if it was fake and was added too the show and he had it on the vmas it dont come off it was tucked he has a print in a lot of things he wears that is a man his face especiaally the side and his legs the way he walk in heels all man