Christina Perri Comes Clean On Own Imperfections In Exclusive Tour Video

“I’ve spent a year communicating with these people,” Christina Perri reflects in this exclusive-to-Idolator video from her tour, which kicked off on July 16 in support of her 2011 debut, lovestrong. “I’m now so deeply connected with these girls.”

And with hits like her swooning ballad, “Jar of Hearts,” it’s easy to see why fans flock to Perri, who comes off on camera and through her music as both approachable and endlessly relatable. Watch the Philly singer open up about the importance of making fans feel good about themselves through making her own blemishes public below.

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  • Destiny Stone

    I Cried When I Seen This Video Because Ive Been getting talked About Since I Was Born And Still Is And I Will Always Because To Live You Need To Know How To Ignore The People Who Is Talking About You To Make Them Selves Feel Better Because Everyone And Everything Has A Problem Just Have To Live With It . . . Like I Have To Shave My Legs 2 A Week Because They Get Hair And In P.E. Girls Talk About Me But The Only Thing To get Them Off My Mind Is To Write A Song And That Is All I Have ME AND MY MUSIC . . . Thanks For Those Who Read This And That Is All I Have TO Say

  • Carol

    I am pretty sure I’m not the typical Christina Perri fan. When I saw her in Boston this Summer, I was one of the oldest people in the audience. But her genuine excitement and pleasure with her music and this tour came through loud and clear. It was refreshingly sweet and endearing. I was drawn to her because I love good music and talented musicians and Christina delivers in both areas. But, the more I read about her through her postings on Facebook and Idolator, the more I admire how sweet, honest and down to earth she is. I am so happy to be a part of her rise to fame, and wish her only the best! She is so deserving of the admiration of her fans, and even though I am old enough to be her mother, Her music and beautiful voice are inspiring and a welcome addition to my world! Christina, please stay just as sweet and genuine as you are now!