Mariah Carey And Tony Bennett’s “When Do The Bells Ring For Me” — Hear A Preview

We’ve heard Amy Winehouse’s “Body And Soul”, and listened to Lady Gaga sound like a “Tramp” — now the latest preview off Tony Bennett’s upcoming Duets II features Glitter gal herself, Mariah Carey, cooing all over “When Do The Bells Ring For Me.” (Speaking of glitter, why isn’t there a duet with Ke$ha on this album? Clearly she’s missing from this compilation.) Listen to a 30-second snippet of Tony and Mimi’s collaboration below.

Tony Bennet feat. Mariah Carey – “When Do The Bells Ring For Me” (Snippet)

When Do the Bells Ring for Me – Tony Bennett feat. Mariah Carey [Snippet] by HDMI44

Duets II drops September 20. And just because, here’s a blast-to-the-past pic of Mariah Carey and Tony Bennett (and Michael Bolton!) sharing a moment about several hundred lifetimes ago.


  • Shea Butter

    I really like what I’m hearing here! Tony sounds wonderful and Mariah sounds amazing and so different! I think I like this category for her!

  • NANO

    Wow!!, her voice sounds so clear and different … I´m feeling this, can´t wait to here the full track! … so good to hear some new music from her.

  • Xhris

    she sounds amazing, and different. i like it :D can’t wait to hear the full song !! hope she does some of the awesome high notes !

  • patricedyal

    She looks really good here

  •—-hear-a-preview Eric

    WHAT?????? When I first heard the song I thought I was listening to someone else. Mariah sounds extremely different. Wow.

  • supermariah

    this one is a STONE WINNER!! Mariah and Tony delivers superb music..Mariah’s d best

  • SteelTom

    Have always loved Tony B

  • 80′sbaby

    meh, GAGA’s song is 100 times better! No lie!

  • Courtney

    Duh Guys of course Mariah’s voice sounds different she was 6 1/2 months pregnant with Roc N Roe when this was recorded so they were pressing down on her Diaphram and lungs so it was hard to breathe and harder to sing. all things considerd she and Mr B sound amazing together I bet he’s like a surrogate grandfather to the twins he’s always loved children having had 4 himself 2 boys Danny & Dae and two girls Joanna & Antonia who often sings with him and she even said on HSN a couple of Days after it was recorded that he’d quiped that he’d never sung with a pregnant woman before not exactly in those words more like I’ve Never Sung With A Trio and something to the affect are the babies trying to upstage me

  • Tahoegeminii

    the bell rang on Me-Me a long time ago-whatever filter they ran Me-me’s voice thru is the difference in her “sound” dummies-just remember no good creative music ever makes it past the megalith music producers-it’s all about standard formula and the various flesh puppets are just plugged in-Me-Me is pretty lucky she got in on this one -she is getting pretty old and fat-but I guess Tony is older so they thought they would throw the hag one last bone-looking forward to Me-Me being some kind of huge drama disaster for the X-factor-if she even shows up for it at all-Simon is an idiot for even including her mentally arrested flakey fat arse-so has-been-besides unless X-factor is going to be “all about Me-Me” she isn’t really interested just sticking her fat face where it does not belong-hey sheep-oh i mean”lambs”-Roc & Roe is a bad scooby -do joke-and i think Tony was slyly referring to the fact that Me-Me was the size of 3 people and pushing him off the stage

  • Joe

    U don’t know what the he’ll you are talking about you stupid retard. If you don’t like Mariah get off her pages.. Baha. Pathetic.. Obviously someone is a little jealoussssss. But hey I don’t blame you.. Mariah is pretty amazing!