Is Britney Spears Really Singing On Unreleased Track “Turn It Up”?

Ah, the drama that ensues whenever a supposed unheard Britney Spears demo pops up online — the speculation as to why it didn’t make it onto an album; the pondering over what artist will wind up with the throwaway track; and, of course, the endless bickering by The Internet as to whether or not it’s actually the recent MTV VMA winner‘s voice on the song. We don’t really have the answer to that last one. But, regardless, you can hear the alleged Spears jam “Turn It Up” below.

If this is indeed Brit-Brit, maybe she felt she already did the whole lesbi-friendly thing with “If U Seek Amy”? Otherwise, perhaps it’s a Spears-penned demo intended for a male artist?

Either way, there’s something to be said for Pro Tools.

So do you think it’s Britney on this track? Let us know below!

[Via ONTD]

  • bop

    lets hope not cuz that songs poo..

  • Jessica

    Yes 100 % her

  • danny

    This might be that Myah Marie girl but it sounds like Britney had another cold like in S&M. Either way it’s a hot mess.

  • Ris

    I actually think the song is pretty upbeat and awesome and her voice sounds better than the auto tune people seem to be abusing as of late (even Britney herself has done it on a few tracks) it could Myah Marie, but I think Myah’s voice is a little more high pitch and shrieky than Britney’s this is Britney at her deep voice finest. Which I happen to like over any other voice.

  • vertigoshtick

    Come on, five seconds was enough to know it’s her singing.

  • Andrew

    Apparently a lot of casual listeners are not aware of the fact that tons of Britney soundalikes have been posting “demos” on YouTube for a while. These tracks that have “leaked” recently are fake.

  • Woop

    This Song Isnt Real.. I Have The Instrumental On My Youtube Account…
    Also The Intrumental Is Tagged By ILeaks But I Have The Untagged Version. … — Listen Their :)

  • Lukey James Davey

    or maybe it’s because it would be the 4th song the album where she uses the line “whisper in my ear”

    eg: Hold It Against Me
    He About To Lose Me
    Trip To Your Heart